Natalie Grant On “Rockin’ Flats” During Second Pregnancy

Christian rocker Natalie Grant and her husband/producer Bernie Herms are expecting their third child on Christmas Day. The four-time GMA Female Vocalist of the Year is set to release her eighth album, Love Revolution, on August 24. Natalie opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their 3-year-old twin daughters, Bella and Gracie, her second pregnancy and how she’ll be “rockin’ flats” while promoting her new album.

CBS: How are you feeling during your pregnancy? Have you been experiencing any nausea?

NG: “I have been really nauseous and tired during this pregnancy. It’s lasted longer than last time, but I finally got over the hump around 19 weeks.”

CBS: When did you find out you were pregnant? How did you tell Bernie?

NG: “It was the day of the historic Nashville flood. I hadn’t been feeling well and all of a sudden I started to recognize some of the symptoms. I had an old pregnancy test (from 4 years ago) in my bathroom cupboard so I just decided to take it. The positive sign came up so fast, I started screaming for Bernie and told him to go to Walgreen’s and buy every brand. I thought the one I had must have been outdated and something was wrong with it. Six tests later, I was still pregnant.”

CBS: Is it true your due date is Christmas Day? Do you feel it’s a double-blessing to have this special due date?

NG: “Yes, my actual due date is December 25. So sweet to have this special day as a due date for my own little miracle. My birthday is also on December 21, so it will be special to have our birthdays so close together.”

CBS: Have you told your girls, Gracie and Bella, that they’re going to be big sisters? Do you think they ‘get it?’ If so, do they seem excited?

NG: “They are both such little ‘mommies’ already and they are very excited about the new baby coming. They will randomly each come up at different times during the day and kiss my belly and say, ‘I love you, baby.'”

CBS: With your eighth album being released in August, will you have to do a fair deal of promotion in the coming months? Are you worried you’ll have the energy during your pregnancy?

NG: “I’m not worried, but I know I will be VERY tired. I have a huge promotional tour coming with a lot of performances during my street week. Although I love my stilettos, I’m pretty sure I’ll be rockin’ flats most of the week.”

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  1. What a lovely article…always nice to hear celebrities tell it like it is….congratulations Natalie and your family and all the best for your new arrival…

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