Matthew McConaughey’s On-Set Visitors

Shear Genius host Camila Alves took her two kids – Levi, 2, and Vida, 7 months – to visit papa Matthew McConaughey on the set of his upcoming film The Lincoln Lawyer in Los Angeles today (August 17).

Levi sported cutoff jeans and suspenders, while Vida looked adorable in a summer dress and hair clip.

We just spotted the Alves-McConaugheys adopting a new pet kitty in Malibu last weekend.

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  1. Didn’t Matthew crack a rib on set today, or am I thinking of someone else?

    Also, such an adorable family!

    • Neither of those kids are very cute. They look like their mom-also not very cute IMO. But kudos to them for rescuing a cat instead of buying one like every other snobby, puppy-mill supporting celeb!

  2. “They dress him like an old man” are you serious? That shirt/sandals are too cute!! And daddy looking kind of sexy in that first pic.. Bow Legs!! GOOOO Mathew (smile) Beautiful family..

  3. There is nothing sexy about Matthew at all. He doesn’t wear deodorant. He must smell. Stop putting pictures of him and that kid of his that still looks like he’s 6 months old.

  4. Omg, some of you are really mean..How can you say that Levi looks like he’s 6 months old?He is just the way he should be,a 2 year old should be 92 cm tall and I think that Camila’s legs are 90 cm height, or more:)They are just adorable..You should first watch yourself in the mirror and then talk..

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