Kingston Rossale Shows Off His Super Powers

Wearing his Superman costume, Kingston Rossdale joined his dad Gavin Rossdale and his nanny for dinner at Chi Dynasty in Studio City, California on Wednesday (August 18).

The 4-year-old flexed his muscles and growled at the paparazzi, showing off his super hero powers. His nanny had to keep him at bay.

What a cutie!


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  1. btw he is 4, and why didn’t everyone have such harsh comments when the Beckham boys did the same thing? I know plenty of 3 – 5 year olds who love to play dress up and would go out of the house in their dress up cloths if their parents allowed, only not all parents are that encouraging of their childrens imaginations and creativity.

    • God, it’s people like you who turn kids like Kingston into brats. I’m sorry, but when a 4-year old is growling and scowling and generally exhibiting a bad attitude and the parent/friend/onlooker/etc response is to laugh and say “Oh, he’s just so cuuuuuute!” THAT is the recipe for creating a spoiled brat.

      So, yeah, Kingston’s cute, but I guarantee you that that kid is a capital-B brat.

  2. A “brat” – this poor kid has paparazzi in his face regularly. I can understand the growling, I also understand the costume. My 4 1/2 year old likes to wear her lady and the tramp costume from when she was 18 months and I let her, I bring a change of clothes in case she gets too hot, but she is being creative and having fun – nothing wrong with that in my books. What I DON’T let her do is walk around barefoot outside of the house. That is just gross!!!

  3. Sorry, but Gwen herself even said he’s quite a handful… he seems like a brat to me, too. Very cute, of course… but definitely looks like he can be a real pain-in-the-a$$, lol. And all of you “any kid that age is a pain-in-the-butt sometimes” sayers can save it- you know it I mean. There are kids who sometimes exhibit bratty behavior, and then there are BRATS. Kingston seems like he falls into the latter category, lol.

  4. Come on people what would you be doing if paparazzi followed you everywhere and didn’t give you any privacy. I’d be pretty mad too.

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