Courtney Love Has Bitter Birthday Wishes For Daughter Frances

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Courtney Love and grunge rocker Kurt Cobain, turned 18 on Wednesday (August 18). But instead of sweet mother-daughter birthday sentiments, E! reports that Courtney had some harsh words for her daughter on Thursday.

In a series of Twitter postings, Courtney accuses her daughter of, among other things, destroying what she’d worked for. “youve done a damned good job frances of destroying anything i could build,” read one Tweet. “Why would you leave me and my life in tatters like this” reads another.

Courtney goes on to accuse Frances of ruining her life. “was that therapist right? Why do you want to ruin my personal life?”

But in a complete about-face, within minutes Courtney was Tweeting about missing her daughter. “I long for your kiss and your sweet head smell, I long for you I ache for you I die for you every day,” she wrote.

The two have been waging a public war since late last year, when Courtney’s unstable conduct cost her guardianship of Frances.

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  1. Kurt Cobain’s daughter is 18. And I’m officially old, lol.
    Courtney is a nutjob. And if she wants someone to blame for “destroying anything she could build” she should look in the mirror.

  2. Her only punishment is losing custody of Frances???? She needs to lose be banned from Twitter as well… Such a horrid woman

  3. Someone needs to change the password on Courtney’s Twitter account to keep her off of it. How embarrassing for Frances.

  4. How embarrassing to have your mother publicly put her opinions on Twitter like that. I hope Frances’ money is safe now as I understand Courtney had control of it for a while and was spending some of it. No one would ever blame Frances if she never had anything to do with this whack job in the future.

  5. Keep it in your head, Courtney… if you wanna have it out with your daughter, do it without the rest of us. PLEASE.

  6. Tweeter like the tweeker she is! Too bad Courtney wasn’t the parent to put a bullet in their head. Frances would have been better off having been raised by Kurt than by Courtney (who, btw, only had any career whatsoever because she was the wife of Kurt Cobain….certainly not off ANY semblence of talent!)

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