Keith Urban: “Family Is First”

Currently in the midst of his Summer Lovin’ Tour, country crooner Keith Urban tells Parade that finding that balance between his job and his family is still a work in progress.

“I don’t know if there’s any secret to it. Everybody sort of finds their own way to keep their life balanced,” says Keith, who has 2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose with his wife Nicole Kidman. “I know for me, family is first and I just make sure that I spread my time amongst the things that I love to do as well. Balance is never achieved, it’s just maintained. And so far I’ve been able to maintain it.”

Keith is quick to give credit to his Oscar-winning wife, saying, “I’m fortunate to have a wife who understands about career as well. We’re very blessed to have each other, and you recognize the importance of all the facets of our lives. But family is very, very strong in our lives.”


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  1. She said that she wants to grow old with Keith….She is a great actress hard
    to believe that she was once married to Tom Cruise..and dated Ben Affleck..

    We also know that Tom is the one that has full custody of his older children.
    That is ok because all three now are Scientology schooled including Suri.

    Now that Nicole has found happiness and full of life with Sunday Rose..
    And is no longer attached to Tom Cruise…!!

  2. Hello? I love keith…but i do not agree with nicole being a great mum..she never ever mentions her other 2 children hardly ever she acts as though sunday is the only child she has and that really disturbs me as a mother…and i know i dont know all of the details of her situtation with tom cruise..but i do know as a mother..i dote on all my kids.. would never talk of one as though the others dont exist..and i could NEVER spend more then one day away from my kids..if you have kids they should be #1 priority above all else.

  3. Anonymous 4:59, no of course Nicole Kidman is not a great mother because she doesn’t mention her 2 older kids at all. Ridiculous. Don’t you see Sunday looking unhappy with the “not great” mom?
    If my children have been poisoned by scientology, I would count my blessing with the one I have out of it. End of. I mean, don’t Bella and Conor look ridiculous happy every time they are papped seeing as they get dropped into conversation by Tom Cruise?

    You find it disturbing? In what way does it affect your life? because you are a mother? please!
    Kidman is doing just great, thanks.

    • I don’t remember anyone saying that Sunday or Bella and Connor don’t look happy but do you see them on a day to day basis? Are you inside their head? Do you know their every thought? I mean you seem as if you are Nicole’s best friend. Or maybe you are their therapist? I don’t know!
      You know what is disturbing? Is the fact that you think because Bella and Connor have been poisoned by scientology that Nicole should just give up on them and concentrate on the one that hasn’t been. Wow what a person you are! And you know what else NICOLE IS THEIR MOTHER!!!! Why would she let someone take over that control and poison her kids that way? I am sure her name is on the adoption papers somewhere… I don’t believe it was just Tom adopting them. But obviously thats the way it should have been seeing the way things have turned out. She does act as if Sunday is the only child she has ever had… I mean yes she did give birth to just her but does that mean the other two are just ruled out? Sure we don’t know her and we don’t see her everyday to know what exactly goes on but I think some of us are just speaking from reading magazine articles Nicole has done and interviews too. Seems as if you can get a lot from those and IN OUR OPINION this how we feel! But I guess according to you we shouldn’t have feelings over this, right? Yes we are mothers who love our kids unconditionally and treat them all the same no matter who they are and where they came from…. I guess we can’t say the same for you.
      Give Nicole our best, thanks.

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