Janine Lindemulder Calls Ex Jesse James “Cruel And Selfish”

Looks like the war wages on between Jesse James and his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder.

Jesse recently got the okay from a judge to move their daughter Sunny, 6, to Austin with him, but now Janine is slamming her ex for not allowing her to say a proper goodbye to her daughter.

Janine thought James and his three kids were moving to Austin last Friday but was upset when she learned they did not leave until the following day, according to a report on RadarOnline.

“I gave up time with my daughter so that Sunny could travel with her dad,” Janine said. “But I could not get her on the phone until I finally spoke to her on Friday evening when Sunny told me that she had been at home in California all day.

“I sat at home crying when I could have been with my daughter but Jesse just did not care, he was being cruel and selfish.

“On Saturday she spent the whole day traveling so I never actually got to say goodbye in person to her.”

And it sounds like Janine will be busy juggling visits with Sunny as well as with her son Tyler. “I’m still trying to make arrangements to go and visit her in Texas but I may split my time in Oregon too where my son and other family are,” she said.


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  1. WTF she also has son in Oregon? That she has obviously lost custody of too…This woman is a mess…Jesse might have gotten a bad rap for being a cheater but this woman isn’t winning mother of the year any day soon. Janine some women aren’t meant to be mothers…and its OK. Just don’t pretend you want to be…JUST SAYING…

  2. And if she didn’t care about having a relationship with her children, we would read comments about how much of a failure and unfit mother she is, for not caring. SHE CARES and isn’t giving up…that’s exactly what I would do in her shoes at this point. You can’t change the past. She should avoid people who try to beat her down. You go Janine!!! Jesse is gross.

  3. I was around 9 or 10 when I last saw Tyler. He’s an amazing boy and Janine is a wonderful person as well. Love always makes us do crazy things. Sometimes when u act out in anger unfortunately the DA gives u a hard time.. but what women are not emotinal wrecks during a breakup? and especially when your baby is involved. I would have went crazy as well.

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