Elin Nordegren To Launch Mental Health Clinic For Kids?

Now that Elin Nordegren is divorced, she wants to use some of her settlement money to build a mental health clinic for underprivileged children.

It’s rumored that Elin, who is studying for a degree in mental-health counseling, has been discussing the idea with her twin sister Josefin, a lawyer in London.

A friend of the mother-of-two said: “Elin has a lot of ideas, including setting up her own clinic to help poorer children suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, eating disorders and hypertension, which can result from living in a broken family.

“Maybe it’s not surprising, but she feels strongly that children are the real victims when marriages fail.”

Another friend added: “Elin wants to help children. She is the child of divorced parents and having seen her own marriage end through no fault of her own, she is very aware of what that can do to kids.”

Sounds like a great idea. Elin and Tiger Woods’ two children, Sam, 3, and Charlie, 19 months, should be proud of their mom.

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  1. I’ll believe this when Elin herself mentions and launches it. If I had something major planned, I wouldn’t be happy about my so-called friends blabbing about it to the media before anything is finalized.

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