Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Take Their Sweetie To Serendipity

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri spent their Labor Day dining at Serendipity 3 on the Upper East Side in New York City on Monday (September 6). Tom’s children Bella, 17, and Connor, 15, also tagged along. The restaurant is famous for their frozen hot chocolates!

The 4-year-old wore a pink dress and clung on to her white blanket while her mom carried her. Earlier in the day the two had flown in from Toronto, where Katie is filming The Kennedys.

Tom is set to get busy himself with the next installment of Mission Impossible.

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  1. What is wrong with this child? Suri was cute like when she was 2 now she just looks weird, spoiled, unkept and not developing like a normal 4 year old! What is with Katie and Tom!

  2. She might be scared of the paparazzi, but she does look weird… like a little monkey or something. They should keep her away from the public and let her be the little girl she is, let her have a quiet, private childhood and grow up in peace.

  3. Well she is Tom Cruise’s child… enough said… Both Tom and Katie are weird… Ever since Katie got with Tom she barely speaks. And how old is this child? Does she really need to carry her king size blanket around and chew on it for that matter? If she is old enough to pick out her own clothes, wear heels, etc. then she is old enough to leave the blankie at home!

  4. I agree, why is she grawing on a blanket? I guess she didn’t have enough to eat today. And why is she always carrying around that dirty blanket?

  5. What I don’t understand is why isn’t Tom carrying her? I tell my almost 4 year old she is too heavy for mommy to carry her….and she must walk. I heard that scientologist treat their children like adults…while this seems to be the complete opposite??? They baby her…. If its the paparazzi…remove the child from the situation. They have all the $ in the world….can’t they buy a place out in the country and raise her? I know the papapazzi would still follow them…but I doubt as much.

  6. What a vicious group of posters on this site! You people have some really big balls typing horrible things about a 4-year old on the internet. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. My eldest daughter, who is a few months younger than Suri, still has her comfort toy. I’m sure the blanket is not the only one they have and we’ve seen soft toys being carried too.
    I can only imagine the cameras (there’s never just one or two around this family) and it must be frightening for Suri, maybe she’ll never get used to it.
    Katie is always doing the carrying but maybe Suri asks for her Mom to carry her, how do we know?
    We see much more of Suri than we did of Connor and Bella when they were that age.

  8. Yikes!! Let’s be nice! It musst be scary for a child to be screamed at by people taking pictures! I know my 3 year old would FLIP out!! (my 5 yew old would love it on the other hand). This family is entitled to go out for frozen hot coco if they want. So they hold suri, to help her out with the silly people taking pictures. I think she appears to be a normal child who isn’t perfect,
    But a CHiLD!! As for chewing on her blanket, how does it effect anyone..it’s up to her. I know I just recently broke my 5 year from sucking on one of her stuffed animals ears. Yes, it drove me nuts, but I couldn’t get her to stop. And she used chew on most of all her toys. That also drove me crazy!!! But, now she doesn’t do it. I consider my daughter normal, with normal “flaws”.

    Whynis everyone so mean to this poor little girl. Let her parents raise her they way they feel best. I think she is a very cute little girl!!

  9. Put her down and let her walk while holding her hand. This is one strange family. You never see Suri playing with other kids her age. It’s almost like she is in a bubble looking out at the world.

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