Tom Cruise & Suri’s Flying Act

Higher, daddy!

Top Gun dad Tom Cruise was spotted with his three children – Bella, 17, Connor, 15, and Suri, 4 – at Central Park in New York City today (September 7). The A-list actor was seen playfully throwing Suri into the air and having fun at the playground. Suri’s sibs added to the watchful supervision while out and about.

Tom, 48, recently said that Suri keeps him young,

I love all my children, but Suri is my fountain of youth.”

Earlier in the day, Tom and wife Katie Holmes were spotted leaving their New York City apartment with their daughter before heading to the Live with Regis and Kelly show.

Bella and Connor’s mother is Tom’s ex-wife, Nicole Kidman.


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  1. Before the barrage of negative comments, I just wanted to say how happy & cute Suri looks. Even Tom. Nice to see how much Connor and Bella are around. Do they live in NYC with Katie & Tom?

  2. Anytime you make a statement and then insert “but”, you’re basically deleting what came before the BUT. Tom Cruise is a moron. Translation: I love all my children BUT Suri is my favorite! Nice…

  3. Bella is getting fatter and fatter. Very sad for such a young woman.

    The two older children have always lived in L.A. with Tom’s sister. I would imagine they are still being homeschooled by her and are just visiting in NY.

  4. Does anyone else think it’s weird that both Tom and Nicole adopted, then divorced and remarried and had bio babies? I wonder why they didn’t try when they were married?

  5. I don’t find his comment odd. If anything it would be creepy if he referred to his older daughter as his fountain of youth. I’m sure he just means that running after Suri keeps him young. He’s not running after his older kids anymore. And FYI this quote supposedly came from a German tabloid. Those foreign mags often mistranslate quotes or make them up altogether.
    Anyway, I love this pic of Suri!

  6. Tom definitely plays favorites with Suri, and while everyone has favorites, it might not be the greatest thing for his teenage kids to single her out in the press like that. I don’t remember Nicole ever saying anything like that after Sunday was born. I do love seeing pictures of Bella and Suri together, though. I think they could easily pass as biological sisters.

    • Are you kidding? Nicole was constantly going on and on about how having a biological child was so important to her. Her comments were worse than Tom’s imo.

  7. Both Tom and Nicole really need to STFU in terms of their kids, cause they simply don’t know how to hide the fact that their respective biological kids matter a lot more than Connor and Bella. You guys better not forget that Nicole as well, has gone on and on about Sunday in past interviews.

    I remember Marie Osmond, who has 7 kids, was asked in Larry King who were the adopted ones, and she refused to answer simply saying, i just forgot who is and who isn’t. Now that’s a MOTHER.

  8. As an adoptive parent, I have to say that you people should be ashamed of yourselves. These two are having children after 10+ years of having a small child in the house…of course they are going to be excited about having a new little one in the house. There is no requirement for any person to adopt, the fact that these two did twice shows their love for the children that they adopted. I doubt very much that they feel differently about their adopted children, than their new little ones. Coming directly from this adoptive parent, it’s simply impossible to separate love!

  9. I really worry for Isabella and Connor. I was adopted, and, even though my parents CLAIMED to love me and my siblings (their bio children) equally, I always had my doubts. If they went on record and said something like Tom about “I love all my children, but…” I would be completely crushed. I can read between the lines.

  10. Nicole just said she wanted to experience carrying a child to term and giving birth. She lost 2 babies in the past. So nothing wrong with her wanting that. When Marie Osmond got pregnant the last time, they made a huge announcement about it because she had problems getting pregnant and it was 10 years between her pregnancys. That didn’t mean her adoptions mean’t less. I’m sure being adopted that Bella would like a bio child too to have a bio connection with someone. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her parents.

  11. My daughter has one natural and one adopted and she really is happy that she experienced pregnancy/birthing. Not that she loves one more than the other but she certainly can relate with other mothers. And let’s face it, giving birth is a really empowering act.

  12. Tom looks so much like Keith Urban in these photos…spooooooky. I get the impression thta everyone in the family dotes on Suri. It distracts them from the fact that everyone else isn’t all that thrilled with the family they ended up with.

  13. It doesn’t seem that Nicole Kidman spend much time with her 2 adopted children. I kind of feel bad especially for Bella. She always look like she doesn’t belong or doesn’t feel comfortable. And by the way Suri look cute but so spoiled!!

  14. Listen you people don’t know the situation between Tom, Nicole, Connor and Isabella. So shut up. Suri is the youngest so its seems that she gets most of the attention.

  15. The other comments on this article are kind of funny…. a lot of people make a lot of assumptions about a lot of things- on very little information. Such a dangerous thing. The only thing I’ll say is that out of all the pictures I’ve ever seen containing both Isabella and Suri, I’ve only seen one where Isabella is actually having any interaction with Suri. Usually Isabella’s just kind of looking on or doing her own thing while Suri is with her mother. I feel like if there were more times where Isabella and Suri interact, the paps would make sure to get them, right? I wonder about that… wonder a bit about the dynamic between Isabella, Suri, and Katie… (before anyone jumps down my throat, wondering is different than assuming)

  16. I agree with Ms. Lewis about Bella’s weight. She looks too matronly for a 17yr old girl and weight has not so much to do with that, she could look more youthful at the weight she is

  17. Yeh they must love those kids a bunch.. so much that they don’t even live in the same house with them..
    I’m sorry, is the fact that Bella lives with her aunt in stead of her parents not distracting to anyone else?

  18. That quote says nothing about him loving Suri more than Isabella or Conner. It’s no secret that little children are the fountain of youth, they’re infectious in a good way, they just seem to spread all of their innocence and joy to everyone. That’s just EVERY little child not just Suri, that’s one of the qualities we have as children that the majority of us never seem to keep or rather always lose.

  19. Why is it that with Katie, Suri seems so very miserable but with her dad she runs around and acts like a kid that she is… I must say, I love seeing pics like this where she’s playing around like a 4-year-old should. 🙂
    But I’d like to see Connor and bella with their mother sometime…

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