Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen Welcome Baby No. 2

And baby makes four… It looks like congratulations are in order for Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen! The newlyweds were spotted out and about in London, England on Friday with their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Olive as well as a new addition to the family (September 11).

There’s been no word yet from either Isla or Sacha on the new baby – not surprising seeing as the very private couple rarely comment on their personal lives. In fact, despite her obvious bump the 34-year-old Confessions of a Shopaholic star never even confirmed her second pregnancy.

Congratulations to Isla, Sacha and family!


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  1. Oh, finally!
    Congratulations to both parents Isla and Sacha and the cutest big sister: Olive!

    I can’t wait to see the face of the baby and know the name!
    Anyone knows if is a boy or a girl?

  2. Or, you know, it’s a single still photo that could have captured any number of emotions, or simply no expression at all. Shockingly, some people just happen to look angry when they actually have no expression. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s really bizarre how people think they can tell what celebs are thinking from still photographs that have no context.

  3. Since the pregnancy belly was obvious, I didn’t think she had to confirm anything. Gas or burgers don’t make your torso look like that. I’m just saying. 😉

    Anyway, congrats to the family on the new baby!

  4. ok why are these two in show business if they dont like the spotlight?? If they want a private life then get out of hollywood… !

    • It is possible to enjoy making movies and not enjoy dealing with people following you around trying to expose your life to the rest of the world. Just a scenario you might want to consider.

  5. Congratulaitons to Sacha and Isla for a new addition to the Cohen-Fisher family! And to big sis Olive just as well! She must be thrilled to have a new baby brother/sister. Wonder what his/her name is? I really admire this couple because they´re so private. Isla didn´t have to confirm her pregnancy ´because the baby bump told the whole story. Hopefully we´ll soon be seeing pics of this little one.

  6. No, we don’t know anything !!! this pic is the only thing that makes we sure that the baby’s born !
    They just want to have a NORMAL family life !!! they just want to be normal peolple, let them alone !!
    CBS says that baby’s born on september 11th but we do not know it !!
    Congrats to the family, Olive is so cute!

  7. Congrats to them, I respect and prefer celebs who keep their private life private! Isla and Sacha are right to keep out of the spotlight! Although I would like to know what she had but, I respect their wishes.

    @Pauline CBS states they were spotted on September 11th not that she gave birth on September 11th

  8. Did she really have to confirm it? I think it was pretty obvious. Does it only make it real if she releases a statement that says yup I am pregnant! So stupid.

  9. I don’t think they meant “We were never even sure if she was pregnant!” so much as “She’s a very private person; she didn’t even announce her pregnancy.” There are always commenters who point that out.
    It’s lovely they’ve got a new baby! Olive is just the most adorable little girl, I’m sure the little one’s just as beautiful 🙂 Congratulations to Isla, Sacha and Olive x

  10. I mean c’mon of course she had the baby, she can’t be pregnant for 12 months. Even when the first photos were out and speculations started, she was much further along in her pregnancy than what papz thought.
    And yes she is just tired and pale, not pissed.

  11. I think it is wonderful that there are celebrities out there that are so normal and wanting to have private time for themselves. Most other celebrities have tv and magazine deals as soon as the baby is born! I agree there is a ton of interest in this couple, and as much as I respect their privacy, if they just made an announcement about the birth, whether it be girl/boy and a name, I think most people would lose interest in them and move on. This whole what did she have, what name is it is keeping everyone interested as everyoone wants to break the news!

    Congrats to the family though!!!!

  12. I understand that Isla want privacy, the more she could at least say what it is, boy or girl, it would not take her privacy, I’ll send the”impostor”here from Brazil to find out (/daicarolineb

  13. It’s fishy. They’re so open with & about Olive. Either she didn’t have a second or there’s something terribly wrong with the second.

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  15. I think Isla and Sacha both have the right to keep their personal life private. I mean, would we want the whole world to know everything about ourselves? I would, of course, like to know what the gender of the baby is and what his/her name is because I’m curious, but I respect Isla and her husband for keeping their children out of the spotlight, since Olive or this little one might not want to be in show biz. As the baby grows up, I’m pretty sure we’ll all know if it’s a boy or girl, anyway.

    • In People’s magazine this week, there is a photo of Isla, Sasha, and their two girls. No mention of a name. Mystery is odd for a name unless you are being funny because it’s a mystery what her name is!

  16. It’s fishy. They’re so open with & about Olive. Either she didn’t have a second or there’s something terribly wrong with the second.

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