Gavin Rossdale And His Little Dinner Dates

While Gwen Stefani is busy running around New York City during Fashion Week, Gavin Rossdale is spending time with their boys. On Monday (September 13) he took Zuma, 2, and Kingston, 4, out to dinner with the nannies. The rocker even Tweeted last night to say they were heading to Chinatown.

Kingston is such a cutie! While attending the Edun fashion show with his dad over the weekend, he was asked what his favorite thing to wear is. He replied, “What daddy wears.”

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  1. Nannies?? They both need their own nanny for a dinner out with their father? Why can’t he just take them out? I guess fame really changes the ease of being anonymous though…easy to look down my nose…

  2. Can anyone tell me why Gavin has a nanny with him when he having dinner with his kids? I’ve seen photos of him and the nanny again at Victoria Beckham son b-day party is he unable to take care of his two kids on his on? If it has to do with the paparazzi then that what bodyguard for to protect the celebrity and their kids a nanny is there to take care of the children. I don’t get it when celebrities have the nannies with them at the park, walking down the street or out to dinner with them. I like Julianna Margulies and loved her in ER but when I saw a photo of her walking down the street with her nanny pushing her son in his stroller I was like wow when did people become too good to push their kids in its stroller. Same thing with Heidi Klum big fan of hers I think she’s a great mom yet I still don’t see why she needs an army of nannies plus her mom when out and about with all of her kids. I don’t like Jennifer Garner but I have to give to her and Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and so on for leaving the nannies at home and taking care of their kids when their out and about with the kids.

  3. Sorry but your precious Jennifer Garner has nannies with her when she picsk Violet up from school, and as well as nannies who take Violet out and she has nannies with her other times. As for Angelina, I’m sure she has nannies, I just never see her with them.

    • First of all…CLEARLY Jennifer Garner is not “precious” to the poster because she stated that SHE DOES NOT LIKE HER.
      Secondly, the poster never said that Angelina doesn’t have any nannies! She said she gives her credit for leaving the nannies at home. That would explain why you “never see her with them”.

  4. Thank you HLBronson that exactly what I meant I know all of these people have nannies I just give credit to the celebrity that leave them at home and don’t take them everywhere.

    • Yeah, taking not one but two nannies on a family dinner is a bit much. Jen Garner is consistently “hands-on” with her kids except when she is working and I’ve never seen her pictured with an entourage when going to dinner as a family. I can understand certain celebs wanting/needing to be shielding from aggressive photographers, but I think this guy can take care of himself. Plus, the more of entourage you have, the more you draw attention to yourself IMHO.

  5. I agree. Seeing a celebrity walking along side a nanny who is pushing a stroller….I’m like SERIOUSLY! You can’t push the stroller yourself? Or you can’t hold your own child’s hand? I get having a nanny when you’re working but when you’re spending time with your kids? That’s just too much.

  6. i have more of an issue with the nannies both being Gwen clones, from the hair to the clothes…i’d be very wary if i was Gwen!
    (i kid)…i actually love this family.
    As for bring the nannies everywhere, part of me thinks its excessive, whereas the other part thinks he may just genuinely get on with them, and want some adult company over dinner! and if he only took one there’d be accusations left,right+centre!
    Each to their own x

  7. Don’t know why, but my first instinct when I saw the article was that its a matter of time before you see/hear about another celebrity/nanny scandal. that nanny looks like a Gwen mini me version. Will see.

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