Janine Lindemulder’s Failed Attempt To Keep Kat Von D At Bay

Janine Lindemulder, ex-wife of Jesse James, has pleaded with James’ current girlfriend, LA Ink star Kat Von D, to stay out of daughter Sunny‘s life.

Radar Online has a copy of the letter, in which Lindemulder writes,

“I did some researching last night and the information all of the therapists were giving was the same. And that is a 6 month waiting period minimum prior to meeting children Sunny’s age.” Adding of Von D’s relationship with James, “If ever there was a woman suited for ‘the long haul’ with Jesse, it would be you.”

In an interview with Radar Online, Lindemulder said, “I’m really upset because I know that Kat has met Sunny after I wrote the letter while I’m still being victimized and am being alienated from my daughter by Jesse. The whole situation is ridiculous all the while he is parading around Las Vegas and Hollywood with her and I don’t know who is looking after my child.”

Lindemulder is also angered by the fact that James moved to Austin, TX. to be closer to ex-wife Sandra Bullock and brought Von D there for a visit, saying, “Jesse moved down there to win Sandra back and it didn’t happen so he rubbed her nose in it by strolling around Austin with Kat.”

James and Lindemulder’s ugly custody battle was set to resume this past Tuesday (Sept 14) in court. There has been no word yet on the outcome of the trial.

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  1. I’ve started to feel pretty bad for Janine in this whole mess. Jesse should be ashamed – I can’t believe the way he’s turned his childrens’ lives upside down in the last year. At least the older 2 can probably comprehend the whole situation better, but Sunny’s what, 7? Who knows if Janine is fit to take care of Sunny, but man what an upheaval that little girl has been through. I hope, for her sake, that while Jesse’s off doing who knows what with Kat, Sunny and her siblings are being taken care of by Sandra, who at least is a positive influence.

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