Kendra Wilkinson: “I’m Basically A Stay At Home Mom”

New mom Kendra Wilkinson says that “life couldn’t be better.” With her devoted football star hubby Hank Baskett at her side, the 25-year-old former Playboy model says “at the end of day, I’m basically a stay at home mom that wants to love my son.”

A self-proclaimed “deep thinker,” the reality TV star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new workout DVD that she’s always dreamed of making. While she says she’ll “never get used to being a celebrity,” Kendra keeps it real about her post-baby body: “I love my body now more than I did before.” The proud mama opens up about her 9-month-old son – “little Hank” – and how motherhood has inspired her to become a strong advocate for early education and children who are at risk. In this open discussion, Kendra also speaks of her close relationship with ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner and her parenting philosophies: “I don’t believe in going by the book.”

CBS: How is baby Hank doing?

KW: “Baby Hank is awesome, man! He just popped out two teeth on the bottom. We just had his first playdate with this little girl who is three days older than him. They were so funny.

I go to all these toy stores and all the cashiers always say, ‘Wow, is it his birthday or something?’ And I’m like ‘No every day is a special day for him.’ I don’t look at toys as toys now. I look at everything as learning tools. They need to learn their shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet. So I give him as much as I can to learn. But I don’t put the pressure on him. I make sure that it’s the right time for him to teach him these things.

He is so advanced it is not even funny. He already knows how to shoot a basketball. He’s so smart, he already knows how to put a ball through the basket. He just keeps on doing it. We already know where his mind’s at – with sports! – and that’s a great thing!

And also his favorite show is definitely Mickey Mouse. He dances to all the Mickey Mouse songs. It’s just so much fun. Life couldn’t be better. He’s just growing so much. Every milestone is right in front of our eyes right now. We’re so happy that we get a chance to be there every second. Of course, every now and again we go out and play 9 holes to have time for mommy and daddy. But most of the time we’re there and we see every single second of his growth and it’s the best thing that could ever happen.”

CBS: Tell us about your new workout DVD, Be a Knockout With Kendra.

KW: “I started it a couple months after giving birth to my son. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it paid off well. I’ve always dreamed of having my own workout DVD. Now my dream came true.

While I was at the [Playboy] mansion, I had five years of working out every single day. I would fantasize about having my own workout DVD. I would practice in front of the mirrors what I would do. And I dreamed if I had my own DVD, what would the workout be. That’s exactly what’s in the workout video – What I had dreamed of doing.

I wanted to incorporate all the sports I’ve played and that are in my life into a workout. It’s great because not only women who have just given birth can do the video, kids can do it too because they’re all real-life athletic drills. I grew up playing sports and these are all the drills that I did.

Stationary home-workouts are the it thing nowadays, especially with winter coming along. So why not pop in the video and do the workout at home. I’m just so thankful that I got the chance to do my own workout video.

It’s 48 minutes and it also has a extra ‘booty bonus’ workout that I threw in there just for fun. And the good thing about the DVD is that it’s very organic. I don’t try to play the role of a trainer or aerobic instructor. I play the role of myself working out. So you get all the natural humor out of me and you get the organic fun stuff that I say and do. And when I got tired I would sit down and let the trainer do all the work. It’s all fun – it’s very fresh and organic.”

CBS: Will we lose our muffin tops if we do this workout?

KW: “For sure! If you don’t lose your muffin top then you come and talk to me and I’ll give you a refund!”

CBS: There’s been so much media focus on your body since you had baby Hank. How does that make you feel?

KW: “The media is the media. They’re going to do what they please. I’m okay with it. I had to really look deep into myself and think more about myself. I’m a deep thinker and there’s this thing I always think about: What if today, mirrors just went away. What if your reflection just went away? What if I had no pictures of myself? Would I feel great, would I feel pretty? And the answer is: Yes I would. The mirror can play tricks on you.

I go on how I feel. Like right now, I made a mistake and I went three weeks without working out. That’s the longest I’ve gone without working out. And I just feel so gross. Even though people are saying, ‘You look the skinniest I’ve ever seen you.’ I still feel disgusting. I feel if I didn’t have a mirror, I would feel disgusting and not healthy. So working out is definitely a part of who I am.

The media are always going to criticize you and pick apart how you look. But that’s the way it goes and you just have to know yourself and know how you’re feeling and say ‘screw the media!’

I actually love my body now more than I did before. I went down to New York Fashion Week. Before, when I had my too-skinny-of-a-body, I really had no body. I could never pull-off wearing chic clothes. But now that I have the body that I have, I can pull it off and wear things I’ve never worn before now that I have a more curvier body.

I just feel great! And I feel like I’ve never had any fashion sense before. I feel like I used to have to buy my clothes at cheap hooker stores that only fit skintight to my body. But now I can buy stuff that actually looks good. It’s a more conservative look, but I can look chic and hot at the same time.

I feel great about my body and I don’t care what anyone else says! When pictures come out, it’s all about the angles of the cameras and the lighting. You can’t just trust just one picture or a glimpse in the mirror. You have to trust how you feel. That’s how I go about my life.”

CBS: Did you ever get any good advice on how to handle to scrutiny of the paparazzi while pregnant and after baby Hank arrived?

KW: “No, just suck in and hold until you’re good [laughs]. That was my little trick: Just suck in as much as I could. Now I’m good and my body went back when it was ready to go back. I’ve had a couple medical problems along the way that slowed me down. Now I’m fresh, I’m great, I’m eating healthy and I’m good.”

CBS: Does it bother you to have the paparazzi hound you while you’re out and about with baby Hank?

KW: “Yah. I mean yah, I have a reality show and yah, I’m an open person. But the paparazzi when baby Hank arrived became a different situation. I’m not used to being a celebrity yet, even though I’ve been a celebrity for eight years. I’ll never get used to being a celebrity.

But it’s been great having a little bit of a break from L.A. right now. We’re spending a lot of 1-on-1 time with my son without being around L.A. or New York or any of those high-paparazzi areas is good. It feels so great. I feel like I really get a chance to concentrate on him and his life, rather than thinking about a million paparazzi following us. We don’t that here in Philadelphia. It gives us time to breathe and think about life for a second.”

CBS: Will we ever see you return to Playboy?

KW: “Well, we’re currently shooting the third season of my show and that’s actually a topic that comes up on the show so you’ll get a chance to be there through those decisions.”

CBS: So you’re still close with Hugh Hefner?

KW: “Oh yah for sure! He’ll always be a close friend of ours. Of course we’re cross country now so we don’t get as much time as we want but he knows that he’s a very special person in our lives. And we know that we’re special to him even though at the end of the day we don’t keep in touch as much as we should.”

CBS: So there’s no jealousy from your hubby about Hugh?

KW: “Oh god no! Jealousy is way far out the window. Of course there was a little bit in the beginning, but not anymore. [At this point, Hank spoke up: “Hef’s my boy.”]

CBS: That’s kind of unique to have your husband friends with your ex-boyfriend.

KW: “Oh yah, it’s great! Hef is a great man and I wish the world could see it!”

CBS: If you ever have a daughter one day who wanted to pose for Playboy, would you encourage that?

KW: “I wouldn’t be behind her and say ‘Go do it, go do it.’ No I wouldn’t be encouraging her and I’m not going to sit there and tell her to do it.

We live love, support and educate our children. Education starts at home and that’s what me, Hank and my whole family know. We will raise our children with as much love, support, heart and soul that they can get. We will overdose them with every ounce of love that they can get. We will educate them. Education doesn’t start at school, it starts at home.

Decision making is all a matter of who you are at the time, and where you’re at at life and what type of person you are. If she has the heart I had at the time I did Playboy, yah, I’d be, ‘Good for you. You’re 18. You have the right to make you’re own decisions and I’ll be there to support you.’ I will be there to support any decision that my children make. I know for a fact that they will be raised with education and very good morals, but they have every right to make their own decisions at 18 and I’ll be there to support them.”

CBS: Will you be open with your kids about your past with drugs and alcohol abuse and your sex tape?

KW: “Oh yah! When it comes time.

You can’t mark the date like, ‘When my son or daughter turns 10-years-old on a Sunday at 10 o’clock I’m gonna talk about sex with them.’ No, that’s the wrong that people do in America. People go too much by the book. I believe that is wrong and I don’t believe in going by the book. I believe in knowing your kids, know how they are being raised and educating them the second that it comes time. For sure, that’ll be the time to talk.”

CBS: What have been some of the greatest rewards and challenges of motherhood?

KW: “The number one challenge of being a new mom is biting my tongue. I’m not a judgmental person. I’m very open and free-spirited. But when I see a baby in a bar at 11 p.m. on a Friday night, I’ve been biting my tongue. But from now on, the next time I see a baby in a bar at 11 p.m., I’m going to give them a piece of my mind. That’s child abuse!

Hank’s dad is an advocate for child abuse. He deals with physically, emotionally and sexually abused children every day of his life. He knows what child abuse is. We’re all about fighting that and bringing more awareness for that. That’s our number one cause. So it’s hard for me to see someone bringing a child out past their bedtime. I’m a strong believer in routine. My son is on a very strict routine.

Motherhood has just changed me. I see the world in a different light. I see the true colors of life. I see what the true meaning of life is. It’s not about being materialistic. It’s heart, it’s soul. That’s what we believe in. We believe in love and we don’t believe in materialistic stuff. Of course, it’s my job to be a celebrity and wear cute things and prance around like a celebrity does. But at the end of day, I’m basically a stay at home mom that wants to love my son. That’s who I am.

He’s a big-time mama’s boy and I’m so excited about it. I’m just going to continue to be the best mom I can be. That’s my number one priority.”

CBS: Is baby No. 2 coming along soon?

KW: “No, not right now. I have some medical issues that I have to take care of. But once everything is clear, I definitely want to try for number two right away. Why not? We have so much energy, so much love, so much soul to give. So why not?

I loved having a younger sibling. I remember waking up every Christmas Day and having those memories with a sibling. I’m all about having another one soon, and Hank is too. Of course little Hank wasn’t planned, but this time we’re going to kind of plan it.”


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  1. She’s a bimbo. Having a baby out late at night is not child abuse. It might not be a good thing to do on a regular basis, but it’s far from abuse. She has a lot to learn.

  2. 1. WAT@ her being a “deep thinker”
    2. I’m pretty sure saying that someone is a child abuse advocate is not correct.
    3. She’s the one that constantly talks about her body. seriously. a week after she had the baby, she was on the cover of a magazine talking about how she planned to lose the weight and the week after that and the week after that. Don’t blame the media’s fixation on your body on them, honey.

  3. She’s a character, alright! And just like many other pseudo-celebrities who have low IQs and even lower self-esteem, she’s completly self-centered and unaware of who she really is. She has people who are paid to be her friend filling her head with lies like, “Kendra, you’re a dep thinker!” and, “Kendra, you have a great body! Don’t listen to what the media says! They just like to talk about your body. It’s not as though you became famous or were plucked from obscurity because of your looks!” And she’s stupid enough to believe them. She’s not a bad mother by any means, but I think it’s funny that she believes she’s a GOOD mother because she buys little Hank a lot of toys and keeps him on a schedule. ::rolls eyes:: Great. Mother of the year, dingbat.

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