Kelly Rutherford’s War With Ex-Husband Continues

You always hurt the one you love. Or in this case, the one you used to love. The war between Kelly Rutherford and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch continues, as the Gossip Girl actress was granted a deposition with her ex today (September 24) to discuss their ongoing child custody dispute involving their two children Hermés, 3, and Helena Grace, 1.

RadarOnline reports that it will be strictly limited to child custody and visitation, not the issue surrounding Daniel’s visa status. Kelly had previously attempted to get Daniel’s visa revoked on the grounds that she was concerned her ex, a German businessman, would flee the country with their kids. However the judge ruled today that him taking the children to Germany was “very low.”

Per their temporary child custody agreement Kelly lives in New York City with Hermés and Helena Grace while she films Gossip Girl; Daniel is currently residing there as well.

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  1. I see nothing wrong with her wanting to do that, he could very well take off with the children to Germany and she’d never see them again. Don’t you remember the man who tried to get his kids from his ex wife in was it like Japan or some where and the laws there forbid him from taking them home even though he was the one with custody.

  2. But if his Visa was revoked, wouldn’t that mean he couldn’t stay in the US with his kids? I do get the distinct impression that she married him for the sperm and now she just wants him to go away.

  3. Let’s not forget the woman who took her son to South America to visit family and died. It was years before the father got his child back. And MSNBC just had an article about a man returning from India where he visited his children that his wife had absconded with. And they had to stay in India. It’s can be risky to have a child with a foreign national.

        • so, it’s basically OK for her to cut her children off from his father? she’s basically doing exactly what she says she’s afraid he’d do. Based on this, I’d be willing to bet she’s badmouthing him in front of the children and doing everything she can do to cause an alienation of affection. That is just as bad as absconding with children to another country and she is no better than someone who does that.

  4. Just because someone else took their child to another country, does not mean this man is going to take his.

    Kelly seems like a very mentally unstable person. You can’t just cut your ex out of your child’s life because you don’t like him anymore. He’s never done anything to suggest he is going to steal the children. He’s never been accused of harming them. He is their father rather she likes that or not.

    • Exactly. I get real tired of mothers who are perfectly okay with cutting their children’s fathers out of their lives…dads have rights, too.

      • They’re HIS kids, too. If he wants to take them to Germany, he has every right to do that.

        Sorry for all the posts, but this really just rubs me the wrong way!

    • How do you know he’s never done anything to suggest that?? He’s probably threatened her many times and that’s why she’s worried and is doing this! I’m certain her concern doesn’t come out of nowhere.

  5. Not to mention the fact that if he’s an international businessman, she’s effing with his livelihood. And truth be told, I think *that* is the motivating factor for trying to get his visa revoked. She wants to screw him over any way she can. How about trying to have a little class, put aside your differences and work together to raise the two innocent kids you brought into the world.

  6. My son has joint custody with his ex-wife and there are great limitations on where the children can be taken to live due to the fear of fleeing with the girls. The exes family has been known to do such underhanded things. Because one fears their children will be taken from them permanently and wants safeguards isn’t the same thing as trying to cut a parent out.

    Apparently the visa hasn’t been revoked and it is strictly an issue about where kids can be taken.

  7. If she wanted to have her children alone, why didn’t she? It is very cruel to let a man believe that he is going to be a father, let him grow attached to the children and then just decide to cut him out.
    And, for the record, a parent that take his children to a different country so that the other parent doesn’t have any contact with them anymore OR a parent that try to have the visa of the other parent revoked so that he can’t stay in the country where his children live and thus lose contact with them IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING! And it’s hideous.

  8. the law in Germany ist strictly about the well being of the children – and when the children used to live with the mother, normally they will stay with the mother. And if the father would fly to Germany with the children and the Mother would go to police with the verdict she would get the children immediately. There is an international contract between the two countries, The Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

  9. If only she loved her children more than she hates their father. She seems to be willing to do anything she can to interfere and impede his relationship with their children – doing so on the grounds he may interfere with her custody is rich.

    • But I have to agree she seems to be a complete idiot. While for him I know he´s not 100% gentlemen either. Many people today suffer from borderline personality disorder. But most women will not stick to a man if he doesn´t fulfill their agenda anymore. They will even make their children suffer it seems 🙁 I am glad I dumped my girlfriend of 3 months the moment I saw she´s not one to grow old with just like Kelly.

      • …. wrote Mr. Giersch himself! Remember, that he cannot come back to Germany, because of there does everyone know him as spoiler of their email-addresses!

  10. It’s my right to go with my children to Germany, because of in Germany I’m more popular, then this instable woman, who wants to cut me out from life! When Google pays me $ 50.000.000 for my domain, I’ll be superman!

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