Jennifer Garner & Girls: Saturday Soccer

Alias star Jennifer Garner took her two daughters – Violet, 4 1/2, and Seraphina, 1 1/2 – to soccer practice in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (September 25).

While Violet played soccer with her pals, Jen kicked the ball around with Sera and played at the nearby playground.

The girls’ father is Jen’s husband of 5 years, movie star Ben Affleck.

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  1. Jen is such a good mother an dher girls are so cute and loving! Jen is so pretty and down to earth. I like her natural and every day simple attitude and also her simple outfits. Although she really looks good in skirts!!!

  2. I don’t blame her for dressing down most of the time. Having two young children is not the time to be dressed to the nines. That family just seems to have so much fun and laughter.

  3. I don’t think her kids are cute at all. As for dressing down you can look good while playing with your kids a cute top nice fitted jeans and some walking sneaker and your good to go just because you have or around kids does not mean you have to dress like crap. Fit is everything when it comes to clothes if your clothing fits you admittedly look better. She must not know what size she wears because her clothes are all way a size or two too big for her unless her stylist Rachel Zoe is styling her then even thought I don’t like can look nice.

    • She looks perfectly fine. You are the one with the problem, not her. And it really takes a special kind of jerk to make negative comments about a child’s physical appearance.

    • Sweetie, please post a photo of yourself (and your kids) so that we can see how it’s done!!

      And, please keep in mind that this women gets photographed essentially every moment of the day (against her wishes), and that sometimes she dresses very cutely and other times she might throw on something that doesn’t fit her perfectly. Big deal — she wasn’t heading out for a photoshoot; she was just going to a kids’ soccer game.

      P.S. Are you open to criticism about your grammar and punctuation that is as harsh as your critique of Jen’s wardrobe? If so, let me know…

    • She’s on a soccer field, moron. How fit do you want her pants to be? She is with two kids under the age of 5. She has to bend, kneel, and just give a thought to how kids manage to stain your clothes with their snacks. This woman is beautiful and so are her two daughters.

  4. I love her and her girls too and it really sickens me when someone takes the time to say mean and unkind things about her for no reason. If you don’t care for her or think her kids are cute, so what? Keep it to yoursself. Find someone who you admire and comment on them.

    What the sense of repeatly saying those nasty things. Enough already. Go away please. We get it you don’t like her.

    BTW, I think her girls are absolutely precious and she is a fantastic mom who is always dressed appropiately and looks good hanging out with her family.

  5. 01:30 – Your time would be better spent going to school to learn how to spell and put a sentence together. Right now you appear to be semi-illiterate. People like you are not taken seriously as they appear ignorant and not very intelligent.

  6. Anonymous 1:30 can write what ever he or she wants. If they fill that Jennifer’s kids are not cute then big deal if you think they are. I happen to think Jessica Alba daughter Honor is cute I’ve read comment were other people she not so what it not a big deal everybody has his or her on opinion. Now because I said something that could be taken as a negative comment ageist Jennifer you’re probably going to talk crap about me too but I’m a big girl I can take it.

    • Due do your spelling and writing abilitly, something tells me you are infact, the same person as the one posting at 1:30. Take note, quit while you still can. But remember, two wrongs don’t make a right. You are wrong and you have been outed. BLOG RULES ARE TO REFRAIN FROM MAKING DEROGATORY COMMENTS WITH REGARDS TO CELEBS AND/OR THEIR CHILDREN. If you justified doing so, feel free, just know that you will and should be called out on it. Now, take your marbels and go home.

    • Of course you have the right to say whatever you want. But that doesn’t mean you are exempt from criticism. If you say stupid, horrible things, you shouldn’t be surprised when people call you a stupid, horrible person.

  7. Gorgeous little girls!!!!!!!, love sera’s outfit want one for my dear daughter(13 months) It saddens me when people make comments about the kids, they are very beautiful kids, its actually rare to see a child without any attractive qualities…these girls are very sweet and very very very gorgeous!

  8. Some of you people are a bunch of hypocrite you criticize people for talking badly about Jennifer Garner yet you go around and do the same to them, which make you know better then them.

    • Wrong. There is a big difference between criticizing a person’s looks and criticizing a person’s behavior. The former is never acceptable in a civilized society. The latter is not only acceptable but desirable, because people who say hurtful, rude things should be criticized and shamed. Maybe you should learn what the word “hypocrite” actually means before using it.

  9. Girls are cute, Mom looks good. Jennifer’s clothes look as if they fit properly and indeed I like the tee she is wearing.

  10. Anonymous 10:30pm I know what “hypocrite” means which is a person who says one thing but does another and I did use the word probably. People were criticizing Anonymous 1:30 saying they shouldn’t judge Jennifer yet they were jugging Anonymous 1:30 options calling him/her uneducated which like I said hypocrites.

  11. Anonymous 10:30pm I know what “hypocrite” means which is a person who says one thing but does another and I did use the word probably. People were criticizing Anonymous 1:30 saying they shouldn’t judge Jennifer yet they were jugging Anonymous 1:30 options calling him/her uneducated which like I said hypocrites.

    • Actually, no, that is not what “hypocrite” means. And you obviously didn’t read what I wrote, because you still haven’t grasped the difference between criticizing someone’s looks and criticizing someone’s behavior (that is, what they say). They are not the same, and it is not an example of hypocrisy.

      And considering you don’t even have a basic grasp of English grammar or proper word usage (you don’t even know the difference between the words “probably” and “properly”), the idea that you would be lecturing people about things is absurd.

      • Freedom of speech, honey. Get used to it. If she doesn’t think the kids are cute, then she is entitled to feel that way and express it. Anything is acceptable in this society. That is what freedom means.

        Anyone who thinks JG’s jeans are fitting well when her butt crack is showing is blind. She dresses like a homeless person.

        • And you obviously have no idea what “freedom of speech” means. It only applies to the government and what the government can and can’t tell you what to do. You are a first-rate idiot if you think it means society doesn’t have standards as to what is acceptable behavior.

          And as I said above but you obviously didn’t understand or chose to ignore, yes, you can say whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean other people aren’t allowed to criticize what you say and call you a horrible person. Get used to THAT, *honey*.

            LMAO Bwahahahaha!
            You are dumb as a rock, honey. Every time you comment, you just make yourself look even dumber. Now go get an education and then you may earn a tiny bit of respect. You have SO MUCH to learn. See ya.

        • Anon @ 12:14 pm you are a glutton for punishment. Why do you keep coming back for more? You have been defeated. Accept it and move on.

  12. the moronic anonymous: you yourself are being a hypocrite. if the first idiotic anonymous has the right to say jen’s kids are ugly then other people have the right to say what they want in response. the question is, why are you even getting in the middle? nothing better to do?

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