Gavin Rossdale & His Shopping Cuties

Gavin Rossdale and his sons Kingston, 4 and Zuma, 2, were spotted with their nanny at an Urban Outfitters store in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 29).

At one point Gavin looked at a rack with a long black dress. Perhaps for wife Gwen Stefani?

The playful boys both wore khaki pants and tanks. Kingston especially was goofy, putting on sunglasses and showing off a few Spiderman temporary tattoos on his arms.

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  1. This man can’t do anything with his kids without a nanny or two with him from going out to eat, going to a kids Birthday party or even shopping it’s just sad. He needs to talk to dads like David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman ex all of these men have taken their kids out without a nanny with them he could learn a few things. I can’t see his kids age being a factor because their been photo of Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman not sure about David with their kids at a younger age with them and no help.

    • You beat me to it- I was thinking the exact same thing!!! He can’t seem to do the most mundane thing – going to the playground for example – without an entourage. Even if Gwen is there too and they are dining out as a family , they are often accompanied by nannies, etc. What a difference between them and the likes of Jen Garner. Even though she is stalked relentlessly by photographers, she usually handles things solo.

  2. Anonymous 10:33 read what we said before you make a comment, me and Anonymous 10:30 never said that it bothers us that they have nannies we clearly said that we don’t get why he can’t take his kids out places without the a nanny being with him.

  3. Like anyone believes for a second that the people criticizing the nanny wouldn’t hire one in a heartbeat themselves if they were rich. You people are a joke.

  4. Anonymous 1:23 you’re the joke because you must not be reading the above comments. What people are saying is that it fine to have nannies but they don’t get way Gavin can’t go out with his kids without haven a nanny with him.

    • Right, and you know this how? Because you’re tracking them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I guess? You do realize that what you see in paparazzi shots is a tiny fraction of the lives of these people, right? Have you ever heard the phrase “not a representative sample”? If not, you might want to look it up.

  5. I see this all the time even in normal non-hollywood world. A parent gets an idea in their head (its usually the dad) that it is “impossible” to look after 2 or 3 children at once and just point blank refuse to do it. Despite the fact say the wife does it all the time. I think Gavin is so used to outings with a nanny the idea of trying to shop and look after thekids seems impossible. And its certainly harder. The problem is that you can go too far…there is a drudgery but also a real intensity to being a child’s primary caregiver taht you basically lose if you always havre “help” with you. Just my thoughts…

  6. Anonymous 7:37 every time Gavin is photograph by the paparazzi with his kids he has a nanny with him and no were not with them 24/7 but who takes a nanny to their friends kids birthday party? That in its self says a lot, Heidi Klum and Seal who are known for having their nannies with them every were they go left the nannies at home and they have four kids one which is a baby and if you dived it comes to two kids each which is what Gavin had.

  7. Here we go again. How long til we see another cheater story hitting the stores. Going shopping in urban outfitters with the kids? yeah right….

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