Dennis Quaid & Kimberly’s Park Pal

He’s getting so big!

The Day After Tomorrow star Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly were spotted with their adorable son Thomas, 3 next month, at a park in Santa Monica on Thursday (September 30).

Thomas’ twin sister Zoe was not spotted with the group.

Thomas and Zoe received an accidental overdose of Heparin 10 days after their birth in November 2007. The 56-year-old father of three is convinced that a “higher power” is responsible for their survival.

A lot of people told us later that they were praying for our babies,” explains the proud dad. “In the end, I believe that the power of prayer from so many is what saved them. It’s obvious to me that a higher power in the universe is controlling what’s going on.”

Dennis and ex-wife Meg Ryan are parents to 18-year-old son Jack.

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    • Well pardon us for having blonde hair!!! It’s race, genes, not choice!!1

      How would that do down if I made a comment re afro hair?!


        • Excuse me, but I am entiteled to MY OWN Oppinion, and you know what? I am blond, I just dont like blond babies, they look bald and not cute in my eyes. Geez. I think you two need help. I dont see how im uneducated and nuts because I dont think blond babies are cute.

      • You definitely need help. Geez. I would not care about afro hair comments, or any hair color comment, I am white, fair skin and BLOND. If you get so offended by a hair comment, you should see a psychiatrist.

        And no, I am not ashamed of myself.

  1. And he’s certainly not as cute as Jack’s sister Daisy!

    Since the boy is so blond and has a very fair skin, maybe next time they should protect this little boy against the harsh sun.

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