Katie Holmes: Suri Loves Ballet

It seems that Katie Holmes isn’t the only dancer in the family.

The lovely star of The Kennedys reveals that her 4-year-old daughter Suri is a natural when it comes to dance.

“She loves ballet,” Katie said at today’s Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon, where she was recognized for her work with the Dizzy Feet Foundation. “She’s great at it.”

Earlier this year Katie and her hubby Tom Cruise took to the stage at the Fifth Annual A Fine Romance benefit gala in California, performing a seductive song-and-dance rendition of “Whatever Lola Wants.”

The former Dawson’s Creek star also appeared on a much-hyped episode of So You Think You Can Dance last season.

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  1. Funny because she always strikes me as completely unco-ordinated in every video clip I see of her at a park, running or going down a slide. I wonder if she is good or the teachers who get paid squibillions to teach her just suck up to the celebrity parents to sweeten their meal ticket….

  2. Well, Suri is brilliant at everything she does, isn’t she?
    She gave her mother fashion advices at 2!
    Dances ballet perfectly at 4.
    She’s resposable, and caring and obedient. She puts her clothes in the laundry and makes her bed.
    A perfect child.

    I don’t have doubts she’ll be president at age 12.

    • Perhaps you do not understand a concept rather common for the rest of the world, so allow me to help: to a wide audience, you generally say nice things about other people you know, especially a child, especially your own child. Normal people do not walk around telling the most public of forums, “My child takes ballet, but it’s a waste of money as she’s useless at it,” nor, “My co-worker’s child was surely sent from hell itself,” whether true or not. However, some children are indeed capable of doing chores and being affectionate and obedient all the while having personal likes and dislikes, and often parents enjoy telling others about these gifts and traits should their child be among the rare who possess them. Take heart, though, as we who have no first-hand knowledge of the child realize the unspoken truth, that Suri is a spoiled little charlatan, and is perhaps also deranged given that she eats within the confines of clothing shops and colors on herself from time to time. You can’t hide anything from us, Cruise’s.

      • LOL @ “spoiled little charlatan”…. aren’t they all? All of these kids are over-indulged spoiled brats. Just because we see a picture with the mother in it, everyone thinks they are all “great moms”. What you don’t see are countless babysitters, nannies, nurses, chefs, laundresses and housekeepers all working away making their lives so simple while these pictures are being taken of “mom and kid”. What a facade.

  3. Anonymous @1:46 wants to know why she wears ballet slippers on the street. The same reason why she wears high heels on the street – her mother is a moron!

  4. I’d rather see this kid any day than that Garner kid with the huge feet. Now she is uncoordinated and has motorskill problems. Suri doesn’t appear as clumsy. I have no problem believe she is a good dancer. Her mom, however, is not (having watched her attempt to dance on So you think you can dance).

  5. Look over at the right side and tell me that Violet has huge feet.. well at
    least Violet doesn’t wear dirty pink ballerina slippers.. in the street..Have
    to say that the Womens Event put on by Variety certainly brought out the
    curtains from the fifties powder blue with cheap flowers on it..for Katie
    and the hem was coming undone.. wow and tights did Suri put that together
    for mom.. As for the Tom and Katie dance you could tell that Tom was not
    into it when she had to do anything romantic.. What was that on So you think you can dance…Why not become the judge Katie instead of Steve Tyler
    since she knows so much about singing and dancing on American Idol.. Ellen
    can’t sing and she did a great job

    • Funny… i think last week I saw a picture (On this site) of Violet wearing ballet slippers on the street…. It seems like all celeb kids were their ballet slippers on the street. When my kids were in ballet class it was a rule that dance shoes were ONLY for dance studio I guess if you are a celeb the rules dont apply…..

      • The picture of Violet is right there in the sidebar, and you can clearly see that her shoes may look like ballet slippers, but they aren’t. They clearly have soles and flat heels.

  6. Suri Cruise has such bizarre parents. Everytime a see a pic or a video of her I kinda feel sorry for the kid. She seems so spoiled and unhappy. The way she they let her walk around in public, does she have any friends, the make-up, high heels, bottles and I believe she is still in diapers!!! Plus her hair never looks combed and is in need a a haircut too! Suri is a mess!

  7. OMG,she’s just a CHILD,how can you be so mean???????I can’t believe it..if you knew this familly personally and you were friends of them,then maybe you had the right to comment on the way they raise their child but you know NOTHING about them..just see photos..you cannot know in what circumstances the photos were taken.And I’m sure that like every mother, Katie and Tom love their child more than anything and they do what they think is best for her(and NOT what YOU think is best).So please,stop being so rude and mean!

    • Actually, there are soooo many photos of Suri looking unhappy and inappropriate one can easily gather that her parents are totally clueless people! Just because her parents love her doesn’t mean they have good parenting skills. This really isn’t rude to say, it just seems like a fact!

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