Tiffani Thiessen Talks Motherhood

New mom Tiffani Thiessen – her adorable daughter Harper Renn was born in June – touches on everything from fashion to feeding in a new interview with CelebrityGoodLife.com. Read on to learn how the White Collar star stays stylish and who little Harper most resembles.

On who Harper takes after: “Personality wise, it’s hard because she’s just starting to get her own personality by laughing, cooing and giggling. Looks wise, she is the splitting image, right down the middle, of my husband and I. She’s my husband from eyes up, and below she’s me.”

On staying stylish as a mom:“For me it’s hard. I have to wear shirts that are easily accessible to the eating child, that’s something that’s a little tricky at times. It has to be comfortable. I wear the Baby Bjorn a lot. Harper loves being in it, especially in the city. She walks around all day long looking at everything.”

On passing on a love of books: “I think reading to her is so important, and it’s such an essential thing to do with your children. We’ve been reading to her since the moment she held her head up. We have books in her little baby bag and we read to her all the time. We love the board books. They are small, hard, bright and vibrant. She’s already focusing on the colors and pictures, so they’re the best.”

Read the rest of Tiffani’s interview at CelebrityGoodLife.com

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