Angelina Jolie’s Budapest Boy

Mom-of-six Angelina Jolie was spotted with her 9-year-old son Maddox in Budapest, Hungary on the set of her new film on Saturday (October 2).

On Monday morning, the Jolie-Pitt kids – including Maddox, Pax, nearly 7, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4 – began school in Budapest, Us reports. The 2-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, are back at home with the nanny.

A source says parents and teachers have been ordered to sign security agreements stating they won’t speak to the press. If they breech confidentiality, they may be subject to a fine. Furthermore, if the contact with the media continues, their child could even be suspended from the school until further notice, the source adds.

While the kids are at school, mom and dad are focusing on work.

Papa Brad Pitt is continuing to shoot Moneyball in Boston. Meanwhile, Angie and the kids are in Hungary as she begins work on her directorial debut, a Bosnian love story.

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  1. How many schools have they been to in the past few years? It’s better if they have just a tutor at this point than putting them in a school only to pull them out in a month or two and inconveniencing all the other children and their families that have to accommodate the children and security of Brad and Angelina.

  2. Sorry but Angie looks like crap. This whole security thing about her kids going to school is bulls***. I sure as h*ll wouldn’t change anything for them. Their kids are just kids.

  3. If the school has a problem with they would say no they want the $80,000 tuition for a 3 months.I think its great that they get to meet and know kids from all other the world . They always return to their school in LA. There were pics of Zahara at school in Feb 2010 before they went to Venice(she is classmates w/ the Chris Cornell’s daughter) and there were pics of Maddox at a school fair in June in Star magazine after they returned from Venice in May. Angie and Kimora Lee simmons were talking in a pic her kids attend the school.Angie has never said she was quitting acting she said she would act less in the coming years. She has acted in 2 films in the last 3 years. Salt in 2009 and The Tourist 2010 and no films in 2008.

  4. The children go to an international French school that has the exact same curriculum around the world. There is no stopping and starting, their education is continuance. When they are in a place that does not have this school, tutors take over. I don’t see a problem but it’s nice that everybody is so concerned!!

    Angelina never said she was “quitting” acting, she said she would make “fewer movies” in the future and that is exactly what she has done. The woman has filmed ONE movie per year for the last four years. She probably spends more time with her kids than all other working mothers who have to work five days a week, 50 weeks a year and leave their kids in pre-school or with a nanny from 7:00am until 6:00pm. Nobody is telling these women to quit their jobs. Why should Angelina Jolie, the highest paid actress, an Oscar winner and an in-demand actress quit what she loves doing just because she’s a mother? It’s ridiculous.

    • Actually there is stopping and starting, plenty of it. They stop seeing their old friends and miss out on so much and they can never get that back. They have to start making new friends, way too often, almost everyone agrees on this, and that it can’t be good for them. If it’s once in a while, children can cope, it can even be good for them. But these children have it done to them way too often. You’ll see the effect it’ll have on them when they’re older.

        • Oh please, learn english first. And I am not stopping them from living their life, no one here is, we’re just commenting.

      • I seriously don’t see where there will be any bad affect on them when they are older. In my opinion, it would be worse if the kids were left behind when their parents went away to film a movie. Security for a child means waking up every morning, no matter where in the world you are, and knowing you will see your mother and father and knowing they will be the ones kissing you good night. Three months separated from your mother? Not good!!

        So what if you have to move away from new friends? There is always the internet and email to keep up with them if you want. As long as you have your siblings and your parents with you, the world is perfect. Besides, friends are almost always temporary; family is forever. These kids will be just fine.

        • I see you know everything in theory, but I know a few people who have lived a similar lifestyle as these kids, although not nearly to such an extreme. I have seen what it has done to them and they have told me plenty about it as well (I went to international schools growing up). Please go read a few books on this subject at least. I would actually agree with your post if all of her kids were under 3, but the three oldest really do need a stable home environment in my opinion.

          • I’m not talking “theory” and I’m not talking about “people I know.” I’m talking from personal experience.

          • I have been moving from school to schools in several countries in Africa because of my mums humanitarian job, and it has never affect us in a bad way. On the contrary we learn more things about the different cultures in the world, than if we stayed at one place only..Now my mum has decide to settle a bit, a because of that she lives far away from my dad and I see its affecting our brother. So I think you are wrong its better to move from place to place constantly but be with your family ,than live in a more settled environment but be seperated from them for months.

    • Although they all use the same French system, the schools are not the same and each school is run independently. So when they move from one school to another they are not exactly where they left off. You can go ahead and call any Lycee and verify this. Celebrities think it’s easy to switch from the LA to the NYC branch or vice versa, but they then find they are not run by the same people, are different, and it’s not so easy to switch or start after a semester has already started. Unless you throw a lot of money I suppose, which is what likely happens. Other students are rejected for lack of space but random celebrities are allowed in to interrupt classes. Also, some schools teach 50% French and 50% local language or 75% French and 25% local language or some other combination, it depends on the individual school. If the local language is not English or another language the kids don’t know, that adds more confusion for them as they have to start learning another language, but they are not in the country long enough to even become fluent.

  5. live you life and let them

    The celebrities chose the lifestyle to be in the press and have every average Joe have an opinion of them this is what they wanted if you don’t like the comments then just look at the pics

  6. Angelina and Brad have said that their kids love to travel and meeting new friend and see old ones. They have said when the kids get older that they may steadily down in one place because the kids probable won’t find it as much fun to travel anymore. The kids have tutors to help them out if they need it when they switch schools. How do you know other students are rejected celebrity’s kids go to privet school for the rich kids and the other parents can throw a lot of money at the school too to get their kids in too.

  7. Sophie S. for all you know they may love going to new places and schools, do not jugged wither there happy are not buy comparing them to people you know in similar lifestyle. I have friends who were army brats that moved all the time when they were younger and love going to new place and some of them still keep in contact with some of their friends they’ve meet. I’m not calling you a liar or anything but every child handles thing defiantly and you’ve never meet these or any other celebrity kids to say other wises. Brad and Angelina and other celebrity’s parents have the money to make the moves as conferrable and stable as possible for their kids. Yes you can have your opinion but you can’t say these kids are unhappy and don’t have a stable home environment when their parents say otherwise unless you meet and talk to them yourself and I would think not seeing their mom or a dad for months at a time is more of a unstable home environment then moving.

  8. I agree with the comment ” As long as you have your siblings and your parents with you, the world is perfect.” yes they do bounce around a lot but if they are a tight unit I can see it working and being fun for a while

  9. Where is the outrage for the other celeb parents who take their kids on location or on tour? Just Curious? Ask for comment from ANON1 don’t have time for kids? WTF . AJ has filmed 3 months so far this year and she took kids with her on SALT promo tour. How many working parents here work, on average , less than 4 months a year and can bring your kids to work? I just saw Brooke Shields on Ellen she is working in LA on a play since August the play runs until Oct 24th her kids are in LA. Brad and Angie decided to keep their family together as much as possible. Interestingly people criticize them when the kids are homeschooled like in Venice and when they attend school(Budapest)

  10. I was an army brat growing up. My brother and I loved moving and seeing new places. And we didn’t think anything of changing schools. All the kids we went to school with were in the same boat. Seemed natural to us.

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