Michael Douglas Smiles With His Sweetie

A cheerful Michael Douglas was seen taking his 7-year-old daughter Carys to school in New York City on Thursday (October 7).

The 66-year-old Academy Award-winning actor has something to smile about! He is almost done with his treatment for throat cancer, PEOPLE reports. After a grueling eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, Douglas has one more treatment left, and after this week “no further treatments are scheduled,” says his longtime friend and publicist Allen Burry.

Douglas’ recovery is expected to take approximately six weeks. After that, he’ll have periodic check-ups. “He’s really happy about it ending,” says Burry.

Douglas and his lovely wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are also parents to 10-year-old son, Dylan.

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  1. The cancer has made him look ten years older. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery and get back to his former self.

      • I so agree with you and thought the same thing. He’d probably give a leg at this point in order to recover. It doesn’t matter how you look like when you’re battling and hopefully beat cancer.

  2. Wishing him and his family all the best. I do think its awful that he is papped every day taking his daughter to school. Give them a break please!!

  3. I also wish him and his family all the best. Also don’t know why the paps can’t live him alone – he’s taking his children to school and he is fighting cancer, for crying out loud! Leave him in peace!

  4. Clearly that poor child is undernourished. The home environment must be effecting her. Federal prison for one brother, special needs for the other brother, cancer treatments , absentee mother, “British nannies”, God knows what else. CZJ readily says in every interview that she does not cook for her children. What mother admits that ? Neglect has no socio-economic limits. How sad. I hope he survives his cancer though. πŸ™‚

    • Are you serious? She looks just fine, children are not supposed to be fat. She looks totally normal. I agree though that life can’t be easy for someone so young with what her family is going through right now. Best of luck little one!

    • Our society’s view of what is a normal weight for children is skewed now because of all the over-weight kids we see. My children are at least as thin as Carys, if not more so, and I do cook almost all their meals. They eat healthy foods and have plenty of treats. It’s sad that a normal-weight child like Carys would be singled out as “undernourished”, it just spotlights what we have become accustomed to seeing! Also, just because Catherine says she doesn’t cook for her kids doesn’t mean they don’t eat! I am sure they have someone there who does. I am fairly certain that these are not neglected children. Please!

  5. Good to see he keeps his days productive! Hope he fights this! I agree, Carys is a spitting image of him o_O

  6. I have a question – how come we never see photos of him taking his young son to school? It’s always only the daughter we see him with.

  7. To sophie smith.
    I am surprised you have not seen the latest news, coming from Michael D himself. His son Dylan is the reason they moved to NYC.

    He is special needs and needed a special school. (google it).
    Dylan is autistic and als “mild” dyslexia. I believe his autism is moderate to severe. So sad. Such a cute kid too. L(

    • What is your point? That he doesnt need someone to take him to school? I don’t think you understood what I asked.

      • The point is, he doesn’t go to the same school as his sister, and therefore gets taken to school separately from her. The most likely explanation is that he probably gets driven by car, and therefore is not accessible to the paps.

  8. Sophie smith,

    I was trying to help you. I’m saying perhaps Dylan boards ?? OK ?
    Maybe you can now understand I was trying to answer your question.

    • You thinks so? Why would they do that… They can just hire nannies. Like I said, who knows. It’s not really any of our business anyway.

  9. Maybe Dylan’s school starts at a different time, so Michael can take them both (maybe Dylan goes by car with Michael).

  10. There is nothing wrong with Dylan Y is it that he was emansapated yesterday and today there is nothing wrong today..!! It is nice to see
    that his last treatment was done yesterday..!! Maybe that is why he looks
    better today..

  11. Michael said Dylan has Dyslexia, not autism. There’s a video of the kids on youtube at some golf event and from watching it I definitely wouldn’t think Dylan was autistic! He was very talkative and friendly.

  12. I was just thinking, we went from seeing these kids maybe three times a year, now we see them every other day since Michael announced his diagnosis.

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