Rod Stewart Pats Penny’s Bump

Legendary rocker Rod Stewart and his expectant wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart attended the Breast Cancer Care London Fashion Show at the Governor House in London, England on Wednesday (October 6). Rod patted Penny’s growing baby bump at the charity event.

The couple’s first child Alastair is turning 5 next month. Stewart is also dad to six other children ranging in age from 16 to 46.

The Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? rocker said this will be his last child.

I’m very happy but it will be the last. I can’t have any more kids, otherwise I’ll be touring until I’m 90.”

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  1. Horrible outfit!!! I think she needs to choose whether she wants to be a mom or a golden girl! Her face looks beautiful and glowing, but WTF is she wearing?

  2. I know this isn’t relevent but I figured as there arn’t pictures on here people may like to know that there are some pictures of Sophie Dahl showing her baby bump! on the english daily mails website. I would put up a link but they dont allow it :-(. But go and have a look, she looks great.

    • I don’t think it’s Courtney, since the post actually has punctuation, complete sentences, and almost-correct grammar.

  3. Kids ranging from unborn, to 5, to 16, to 46! So 8 kids! How many mothers? 5,6,7? Oh brother…… what a mess! Most of his kids will never even get to know each other.

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