Johnny Knoxville: I’m Trying To Be A Good Dad

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is known for pulling off some pretty outrageous stunts, but the dad-of-two says he is trying to keep himself in check for the sake of his kids.

“I hope I’m a good father,” says Johnny, who is dad to Madison, 13, and Rocko, 9 months. “Sometimes I get excited and things happen and I’m trying to do good.”

He goes on to recall an instance where things got a bit out of hand:

“I was babysitting my daughter and her friends, they were all at the house one day and I set up the backyard as a shooting gallery with helium balloons and whatnot and we were having fun shooting the helium balloons when the cops burst in and ordered me down to the ground with guns. (Cops) came in my house! Apparently someone said there were shots fired in the neighbourhood.”


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  1. Isn’t it odd that he’s her father and still calls it “baybsitting”? Isn’t that just, I dunno, being a father. Babysitting just sounds kinda weird to me for a father to say, as if he’s not usually around her or caring for her.

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