Katie Holmes & Her Tiny Dancer

Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes was spotted taking her adorable daughter Suri to ballet class in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 6). After class, the mother-daughter duo headed out for some ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Katie recently said that her her 4-year-old is a natural when it comes to dance.

She loves ballet. She’s great at it.”

Suri’s father is none other than Top Gun star, Tom Cruise.


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  1. The kid’s supposedly a “natural” at everything she does. I’m not a Tom/Katie/Suri hater but sometimes they do talk about her like she’s high and mighty.

  2. She is an amazing beauty, funny because people say that she is all Katie and I’ve never found Katie beautiful, but Suri is just gorgeous.
    Anonymous I think that all the parents do talk this way about their children^-^

    • so true. my nephew is only 8 months and loves to stand up and dance and his momma says he’s gonna be a great dancer when he’s a bit older. its just how parents are with their kids when their accomplishing/doing new things or sticking to things, their gonna praise every small thing its only natural the girl is four and most kids dont like to stick to things for too long, she’s probably as good as a four year old can get

  3. There are so many pictures of Suri eating junk food. Check out the size of the cup of ice cream KH bought her. What a waste! There is no way Suri will eat all of that. I question KH parenting skills. Why is Suri still drinking from a bottle, wearing diapers, being carried etc…Also, Suri desperately need a hair cut. Her hair resembles a mop!

    • her hair looks fine. the bottle and the diapers i agree on but as for the junkfood—just cuz you see her eating in picturees doesnt mean thats what she’s eating constantly on a day to day basis. and who cares if the ice cream is big? most parents get that way knowing their kid might not finish it and they finish it up for them no big deal. its halirous to me how your over her picking a part a four year old. really? i never understood that, its like if all yoiu gonna do is be negative and trash a parent and her kid just keep it moving comment on people you actually like cuz at the end of the day you opinion DOESNT MATTER. katie is gonna raise her kid the way she feels fit because she’s that girls mom not you.

  4. We saw Jen Garner with Violet in her Ballerina outfit and what is with the
    old pink Ballerina Slippers..Same ice cream store too as Jen Garner..
    Wonder if they Suri and Violet go to the same class…

    • I seriously DOUBT Jen Garner would let Violet play with Suri! Suri is so spoiled, still in diapers and still drinks from a bottle! I bet Jen Garner thinks Katie Holmes is a joke as a parent.

  5. I don’t really have a problem with Katie or Tom, & I really try to never criticize another person parenting, but I always wonder if Suri gets interaction with other kids her own age. Like I wonder if she ever goes on playdates in the park or something like that…either way shes a cute little girl!

  6. Actually, I don’t believe we’ve seen a bottle or diapers in quite a while. And as for being carried, it’s no different than when the others do such as Ava Jackman.

  7. I don’t think she wore diapers then(9/7/10) and I definitely don’t think she’s wearing any now 😀 She looks so pretty and mature for her age.

  8. In that picture it could be panties, pajama bottoms or a pull-up. It certainly is too vague a picture to claim the kids is still in diapers.

  9. Sorry, I have to sat that it is def a diaper or a pull up. Underwear doesn’t look like that. I think KH is a clueless mom.

  10. First of all most parents DON”T talk about how great their kid is at everything. Its obnoxious. I might say my daughter really LOVES ballet but only to say family would boast about how good she is. Finally one thing I always notice is how Suri never seems to intercat with her mothre. They never seem to look at each other or interact much. Its a bit weird. Katie always seems like the staff, carrying her from A-Z but not having a real relationship with her.

  11. nobody has the right to say how one should care for their children, save as Katie has to take care of that beautiful princess who has a daughter if tom and katie want to purchase the entire planet made ​​happy Suri apparatus that is the most wonderful father can do for your children, please ask them to not take advantage of a public space and say varvaridades and words can do harm to others …

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