Matt Damon & Family: Real-Life Halloween Horror

In his upcoming film Hereafter Matt Damon plays a psychic who talks to dead people, but he had a real-life encounter that was even scarier – with a corn maze.

The actor went to a New Jersey farm with his pregnant wife Luciana, and the couple’s daughters – Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2, for a little Halloween fun but ended up getting lost for two hours in a corn maze that was only supposed to take thirty minutes to navigate.

“The friendly old local who’s outside was like, ‘You kids are gonna have a great time in the corn maze, it’s about a half hour but you gotta answer questions to find your way to go,'” Matt recalls. “There are multiple choice questions, little clues and if you miss every question it can take you up to an hour. And so two hours later we’re still in the corn maze – and what we didn’t know was the questions were all about the Boy Scouts.”

Matt says he and his family were so desperate to get out he considered tearing through the sky-high rows of corn to escape, but luckily a group of quick-thinking youngsters came to their rescue.

“There was a posting that said, ‘If you knock any of the corn down we’ll throw you out,’ so we found these little kids just ripping through the corn maze…and eventually they got us out,” Matt says.

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