FOX Anchor Lori Rothman On The “Happy Chaos” Of Balancing Work & Motherhood

Lori Rothman is the new FOX Business Network anchor covering the mid-day market moves. The busy mom of two young girls offers some tips on how she keeps it all running smoothly: “I ask for help all the time and I never use the oven.” Not to mention her gratitude for common-day technology. Lori opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the “happy chaos” in her home and how she balances her career and motherhood.

CBS: You are mom to 2 young girls. Please tell us about your daughters: Aubrey, 3, and Penelope, 1.

LR: “My husband and I are really enjoying watching these two little personalities take shape. The family dynamic is so much more interesting with Aubrey describing the world as she sees it and Penny giggling or screaming at whatever Aubrey happens to be doing.”

CBS: How do you manage your busy career and your young family?

LR: “It’s certainly a team effort with my husband. We call it happy chaos. Organization is not my strong suit, but I do keep a desk calendar with everyone’s schedule. Technology is terrific, but if it’s not written down, I’ll forget. I also try to spread out my vacation days so that I can drive to school and mommy-and-me classes and take the girls to their doctor appointments. It’s been a good strategy for staying plugged in and keeping the balance.”

CBS: What is your secret of keeping it all running smoothly?

LR: “I ask for help all the time and I never use the oven. Aubrey may ask me what I’m defrosting for dinner, but the time saved in the kitchen is more quality time with the family.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

LR: “I’m a lot more sleep deprived, but I also have a lot more perspective. It’s family first and everything else later. What’s funny is that outlook helped me become a lot more relaxed at work and that’s about when FOX Business noticed and offered me this wonderful opportunity.”

CBS: You are the new FOX Business Network anchor covering the mid-day market moves. How are you enjoying your new position?

LR: “FOX Business is a phenomenal place to work. My producers are challenging me and helping me grow as a TV journalist. We’re covering the markets and the economy, but we’re also investigating issues way beyond Wall Street, including how the government’s tax and spending policies may be changing, and how that directly impacts the quality of all of our lives.

I came to FOX Business after 10 years at Bloomberg TV. I started there reporting from the floor of the NYSE and eventually moved to the anchor desk. But, my first TV gig was in Juneau, Alaska, where I covered salmon fishing, bear hunting and tourism.”

CBS: We hear you have a foot tattoo. Tell us about it. Will you discourage or support your girls if they want a tattoo one day?

LR: “It’s a VERY small tattoo of a sunshine on top of my left foot. I grew up in the sunny Southern California suburb of Agoura Hills and when it became evident that I was settling in the frigid Northeast, I got the ink to remind myself of my childhood and family and friends still living there. So, my tattoo holds a lot of meaning and fond memories. I would support my girls getting tattoos, or any decision about their lifestyle, as long as it is just as meaningful to them.”


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