Richie Sambora Is “Beyond Proud” Of His Model Daughter Ava

Thirteen-year-old Ava Sambora was back on the runway this week, strutting her stuff for her dad Richie Sambora’s clothing line White Trash Beautiful as her mom Heather Locklear looked on from the front row.

”My daughter’s beautiful, she’s gregarious, she’s funny, she’s smart. I’m beyond proud,” boasts the Bon Jovi rocker.

When she’s not on the catwalk, Ava says she’s just a regular teenager. She loves Justin Bieber – “I met him once at the Grammy’s and I was like about to cry,” she admits. “I love him so much” – and looks up to teen queen Miley Cyrus.

“I really love Miley Cyrus,” Ava tells People. “It’s just everything about her—I would really love to act with her. She’s like my biggest role model–besides my dad.”

Though Richie is supportive of his daughter’s budding career, he says that for now school comes first.

“The only modeling she has really done has been at my shows. That is where we are right now – her priorities are schoolwork and also I believe in maintaining the innocence of children. Before that when she is 18 or 19 she is going to do what she wants to do and I’m going to support her and help her through it.”

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  1. How can this possibly be a proud moment for Richie Sambora? His 13-year-old daughter looked like she was dressed to go work a corner on Hollywood Boulevard, if you know what I mean. What responsible, respectable dad would even allow his little girl to leave the house like that? Geez, this is BEYOND bad parenting, this is NON-EXISTENT parenting. Absolutely shameful!

  2. She looks nice and her clothes are age appropriate. Good to see she has good role models, and that they include her parents. It’s especially nice that she is mature and can see through the negative tabloid hype about Miley and see the real person. She should do well should she decide to continue model or decide to do other forms of entertainment.

  3. I don’t understand why celebrities don’t encourage their kids to choose a little more productive careers. I guess just like them they just want their kids to forget about school and just make money by looking pretty in the camera.

    • Maybe – but you have to remember she is 13, so she’s still in school and will be for a while. This is the only sort of thing she can do, her parents probably let her do it for fun, but also maybe as a future career choice. Hopefully her mother and father DO encourage her to become something of value to society once she’s older. We can’t really know, but ultimately it’s up to her, and maybe this will be what she wants/can do when she’s older. Not everyone wants to be or can be something important and of value to the world. She’s free to live her life as she wants.

  4. Although she is a pretty girl, I dont think she is really model material. Lets face it she is there because of her parents!
    As somebody else said, why dont the celebrity parents encourage their children to do something a little more challenging than cashing in on their name.

  5. She’s the daughter of two celebrities, this is something we all should be used to (what about Suri Cruise?), and also something that we shoulndn’t even know, I mean, she didn’t offend anyone, like it or not she’s just living her life. I bet 99% of you guys would take the chance to be her, so stop judging.

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