Suri Cruise Is A Long-Haired Cutie

Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes was spotted with her daughter Suri on the set of Jack & Jill in West Hollywood on Wednesday (October 20). The adorable 4-year-old held back her long hair when she spotted the nearby paparazzi.

In her new film, Katie stars alongside Adam Sandler. It tells the story of Jack who is forced to deal with his twin sister, Jill, when she visits for Thanksgiving, but then won’t leave. Adam plays both characters, while Katie plays Jack’s wife.

Suri’s papa, Tom Cruise, is currently filming Mission Impossible 4 in Prague.

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  1. Anonymous @09:38 – couldn´t agree with you more! I´ve always thought that Suri Cruise is a beautiful little girl. But after seeing this pic in which she seems to be wearing a dress that necessarily isn´t designed by some famouss fashion designer Suri looks just like any other little girl. She will be a beauty just like her mum. Hopefully she will have a little brother or sister later. Such a cutie!

  2. Im sorry, but her parents are rich, and she looks like a hobo´s kid.. I dont understand why they cant fix her hair and put her in proper clothes.

  3. If she’s dressed up then everyone throws a fit. If she wears a cute, casual dress with sneakers, everyone throws a fit. I think she looks adorable in whatever she wears and she seems like a happy kid, so who cares!

  4. That’s not even a dress, that’s a nightgown. Seriously, I’m not trying to be facetious. The lace and the little flower (and flimsy material) mean it’s a nightgown. She’s not even wearing clothes!

  5. Have you looked at the shoes…the worn out running shoes Ked sneakers.
    without shoe olive green …goes great with her nightgown..from
    Target..saw it there for 7.99..Why isn’t Katie over in Prague why did she
    pick a movie the same time as Tom’s…And Tom and Jeremy Renner seem
    to be having a great time together over there…

  6. First of all Suri has on a nightgown by Esme, not Target. Either way, this is not what a 4-5 year old should be wearing out in public. Katie knows Suri will be photographed, what is she thinking exposing her child in this super short, practically see trough nightgown!!?? I’m surprised Katie had the sense to put sneakers on Suri. Of course, there is no jacket or socks on her and that hair of hers never looks combed. Obviously, money doesn’t buy class or common sense. Katie needs her head examined!

  7. BTW there are photos of Suri with Adam Sandlers kids that are wearing
    Esme too outfits all three are walking through a parking lot with the nannies..
    So I guess the nannies dressed them the same..Meanwhile Adam’s kids
    are wearing Uggs and there is Suri wearing dirty old Keds sneakers…

  8. She is a cute little girl but I agree she does seem to be dressed inapproprately.She would look much better with her hair cut to shoulder length in a nice bob with some bangs as you can tell her hair is very thin & fine & it would suit her more & you would be able to see her pretty face.

  9. Okay, I’m just gonna say it.
    I have a feeling Suri is being abused.
    Don’t know exactly why. Just a feeling. The look in her eyes, I think. Slightly provocative, way too mature for her age, yet very vulnerable and scared at the same time. The diapers, bottles, etc.
    Something’s off.
    Whatever it is, I’m really, really worried about this kid.

  10. OMG you people are horrible!!!! She is on set, maybe she likes hanging out in a nightgown. And the abused thing, She has cameras following her ALL the time, wouldn’t you be scared too if Strangers are taking your picture and probably yelling out at her too.

  11. Seriously, you guys are going to complain about how she is dressed and her hairstyle? Besides, Suri might have picked out her own outfit. I know my two year old can be very picky about what she wears sometimes. No kid is ever going to look completly neat 100% of the time, gimme a break. She is a kid, let her be a kid.

  12. I think the point of this outfit and these photos was to show us that Suri is no longer in diapers… Supposedly. We know that you put them on her as soon as the photo op was done Katie :P.

  13. All kidding aside…..When was the last time Suri had her hair cut or even trimmed? Gawd! Look at those split ends! Let’s be real people, we know who runs that household and it’s not Katie or Tom it’s the little miss priss, spoiled brat Suri and Suri does not want her hair cut or combed because then she would have nothing to hide behind!

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