Bridget Moynahan On Motherhood: “It’s Just A Joy”

Ramona and Beezus star Bridget Moynahan recently made an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show and couldn’t help but gush about her adorable 3-year-old son Jack.

He’s a thinker. And both his dad and myself were athletes growing up so he’s very active that way.”

Jack’s father is none other than football star Tom Brady, who recently welcomed his second son, Benjamin, with supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen.

The proud mama went on to describe her sweet boy.

“He’s 3 so he’s got his own little personality. We call him Jack.”

Moynahan went on to say that motherhood is the best. ” It’s just a joy, he’s so much fun.”

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  1. One of her great performances was in Sum of All Fears..she was not the star
    but she was great in that movie…now that she is a single mom she is doing
    a great job… !! Thanks so much for the photos ..we rarely get to see Bridget
    just Gisele..

    • I’m glad Bridget is no longer with Tom. Tom and Gisele deserve each other. They both are full of themselves. Bridget is smart and very funny. (Not to mention, she is gorgeous and sexy). She loves to read book and influence her son with reading habit. Tom, he is a plain jock. Here is his comment from GQ “I’m not a very creative person, you know? I’m not really an art person. I’m not a great reader or writer or artist etc”. Thank God, Jack has his mom who teaches him to love books and music.

      Gisele…that woman needs to zip her mouth and mind her own business. Her comment on legalizing breast feeding is appaling. In her privilege world, she has no idea, the majority of women in this world have no luxury to take time off from work indefinitely (like her) to stay home and breastfeeding the child (let alone , be able to give birth in the bathtub while meditating). Don’t forget her comment that Anorexic models have nothing to do with the fashion industrial. It has to do with family. Boy! she really made doctors pissed. I found this response “An uninformed opinion such as Bundchen’s causes harm on a number of levels. By contributing to the stigma, it drives sufferers underground and creates obstacles to seeking help. It damages attempts at advocacy and hurts parents who are desperately fighting for their child’s recovery,” said Allan S. Kaplan, M.D., Loretta Anne Rogers Chair in Eating Disorders at the University of Toronto.

      Does Gisele learn to close her mouth after that? Nope. She loves to be in the center of everything. That how she makes money anyway. Oh well!

      Bridget, Best wishes for you and your child. Are you glad you no longer with this caveman? Life is getting better everyday, isn’t it?

  2. I think john is very happy w/ their co-parenting system,he spends a lot of time w/ his dad and now that they live in NY because of her job he is in boston more often than when they were in CA.(that is great for him).That is the second time she mentions john’s father on tv,i think is unnecessary,he is a married man now.i think she is not over him yet!

  3. there is nothing CLASSY, about betraying and deceiving a man by going off the pill without telling him, especially knowing he didn’t want to marry or have a family with her. The CLASSY way for this “old fashioned girl” would have been to close her legs, walk away, and find someone else!!!

    • gosh!

      going off the pill…

      and what about CONDOMS?? did tom use any?!

      hate these ridiculous SEXIST COMMENTS!

      as if a woman should be the only responsible for an unwished pregnancy…

      and who knows if this was an unwished pregnancy???

      besides, pills are not 100% safe. did you know that pills effect fails if you’re sick, for example, and takes medicine (antibiotics, for one) or if you drink alcohol?

      gisele can be very stupid and she’s a non-educated and attention seeker person.

      bridget is john’s mom and she knows what’s best for him. if she wants to talk something completely naive about her son on tv or wherever, it’s of her business.

      the problem is when brainless gisele decides to expose her husband’s son in the media as she’s done before. who the hell does she think she is to talk about someone else’s son as if she was his mother?!

      with her mouth shut, gisele’s a poet!!!


  4. anon 10:06 pm! Wow!! bitter much are you related?

    It seems to me they both enjoy being parents to John and are on the same page parenting. John is part of Tom and part of that she sees more now that he is growing as she mentioned they were both athletes and John is just go, go go,kid.. that’s the way I understood her comment.

    As far as I’ve read, Tom is happy with his family, and Bridget is happy in her new relationship and John is a very happy kid. What gives??

  5. what gives??? i’m not brazilian , related, nor do i know anyone of these people, but i have a problem with the THRUTH. i have a problem with bridget going around portraying herself as a VICTIM of tom and giseles’, pimping our her son to the tabloids, manipulating the press and the public into shaming and pressuring tom into going back to her. she is blaming everyone else for her failure for her deception of tom not working but herself. and everytime a magazine , lets her speak, she takes a shot at gisele, the reason gisele has more time to spend with ben is probably because she doesn’t have to put herself out there to fine a man, because she already is married to one, and she should not comment on anyones’ parenting as she will have to explain to john someday that he is here as a means to trap his father.

    • You have been singing this song for four years. Give it up. It is obvious it makes you very angry that no one believes you. Otherwise you would not keep repeating the same things every time there is an article about bridget.

  6. people close to the family have spoken, check out ,Bridget moynahan talks about being a single mom, this is the interview is with harpers bazaar, scroll down to jennifers comments. there have been others, but this is the one that explains a lot. i don’t make this stuff up. and yes, people do believe it, a lot suspected it before, but she seems to explain it very well. i have NOT been on this for 4 years, others problably have learned the truth like i have. WOW, you’ve been on this for 4 years. LMAO!!!

    • Do you keep a file of Bridget’s articles so you can quote them with your version of the truth.
      Yes, I have followed this saga for a long time and I do recognize your comments. In adition, you have quoted Jennifer many times. Do you know who Jennifer is? Since you are only interested in the truth, how do you know she is telling the truth? Be honest!! You are just a Brady/Bundchen admirer and they cannot do any wrong in your mind. Your version of the truth is whatever makes the Brady’s look good.

  7. i don’t think bridget would know the truth if it hit her in the face. this is not my version of the truth, this is what people who are close to the family have been saying. how do you know jennifers comments aren’t true? it seems logical, considering she was with with scott 3 years and nothing happpened and with tom 2 years, until the break-up. if you want to go a round about scott, and what she did to him…let’s do it. maybe your her publicist trying to get a grip on her reputation, because on rachael ray, even rachael didn’t seem very confortable with her. i’m patriot fan, and a tom brady fan, i knew about him when he was with michigan. everyone says he’s a nice guy, bad looser. i love the tom and gisele love story, but bridget keeps popping up. she made a life altering decison for him and now his family has to deal with it. then their are the ones who keep bringing her up, and who call gisele those awful names, the TEAM BRIDGETS” and the boston heralds’ TRAK GALS. so i feel they all need a reality check.

    • Why do you know this much about these people to the point you have such strong opinions about any one of them? It isn’t normal to say “I love the Tom and Gisele love story” these are people’s lives not some primetime drama with a storyline. They are not characters.

  8. i love how tom and gisele was in everyones face with their love and affection, no matter what bridget through out there. everyone has a love story but their’s is a great one. 8:20. scott rosenberg was bridgets fiancee, whom she lived with for 3 years and is 8 years older than her. he is a writer and producer for some tv shows and movies. he is also a big pats fan and an even bigger tom brady fan, so for his birthday, bridgets agent arranged for her to meet tom and get a special autograph photo of him,the next thing you know she is off to houston with him, she dumps scott, and he finds out why through the tabloids. scotts, words “she started DATING him 5 minutes after,” so when tom dated gisele 2 weeks after, that was a luxury break.

  9. what no aruguments?? oct 24 9:33. your not denying this?? after all you have been following this saga. yes, americans aren’t interested in the truth about celebritieis that’s why the have , entertainment tonight, access holly -wood , extra, inside eddition, and in print people , people , US, national enquirer, star, page six, new yourk times and the globe, not to mention all the internet info. LOL!!! no interest there by americans!!!

  10. .bridgets claim to fame is duping tom, and had his baby. and that jump started her career. she still is throwing that in our faces. BTW if you’re in a long term relationship, you agree on birth control, and stick to it, he trusted her and she betrayed him.

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