Jenny McCarthy Would Do Playboy Again To Benefit Son’s Charity

Jenny McCarthy got her start as a Playboy model but she has since gone on to become a successful TV host, actress and author. So would she consider posing for the men’s magazine once again? Jenny tells Access Hollywood she would consider it only if it meant somehow benefiting son Evan, 8, who is autistic.

“I would [pose again], for like, $2 million towards autism,” she said. “Yeah, I might do something like that again.”

In her candid interview, Jenny also talked about how being in the public eye has subjected her to criticism of even her smallest flaws. “I had a mole bump on my upper eye for a long time and I got letters [while hosting MTV’s] Singled Out like, ‘You’re disgusting with that giant mole above your eyebrow!’” she said. “I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? I was born with this thing!’”

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