Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Take Kids On A Sightseeing Sunday

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took their little travelers Zahara, 5, and Pax, 6, on a sightseeing tour in Budapest, Hungary on Sunday (October 24). Included on their itinerary was that most historical of sights – the local McDonalds.

The Jolie-Pitt clan is in Hungary while Angelina works on a film which marks her directorial debut.

All of the older kids, including Maddox, 9. and Shiloh, 4, are attending school in Budapest. The 2-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, are back home being cared for by a nanny.


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  1. Love to see Zee´s smile and Pax laughing at something. Those siblings sure had a lot of fun at the spa with their mum and dad. Zee´s smile just lights up the room. She is a beautiful little girl who just keeps getting more and more beautiful each day. Hard to imagine what would have happened IF Angie and Brad wouldn´t have adopted her. She and Pax seem to be very close to one another. Wonder where Mad and Shi were while these four were having fun and the twins were seen walking outside their rented homw. Maybe they were inside playing together.

  2. I just adore Zee. It looks like she’s trying to get her mom to crack, and Pax just seems like the life of the party in that clan. Zahara and Pax hold a soft spot in my heart and it’s so cool seeing how healthy and happy they both are.

  3. yah im also wondering where’s mad and shi at that moment while zee and pax having a blast. How cute the twins wearing the same boots walking in their rented home. love. love. love this fam!

  4. Pie – maybe Mad and Shi were at home fighting. Those idiotic rags have written lately that Mad and Pax are always fighting and Shi joins her brothers. That is so ridiculous. How can those rags (Life & Style etc.) know what´s going on inside this family´s house? Those stories are getting more and more ridiculous each week. Of course those siblings fight. They are just kids and they have to let their steam out from time to time. But fighting ALL the time? That sounds stupid.

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