Richie Sambora & His Gorgeous Girl

Sweet pair! Richie Sambora and his gorgeous 13-year-old daughter Ava were pictured at Variety’s 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event in Hollywood on Sunday (October 24th).

The week before we saw Ava and her mama, Heather Locklear, at LA Fashion Weekend where the budding model walked the catwalk for her dad’s clothing line White Trash Beautiful.

Richie couldn’t be more proud of his sweet girl: “My daughter’s beautiful, she’s gregarious, she’s funny, she’s smart. I’m beyond proud,” boasted the Bon Jovi rocker.

Seems like the admiration goes both ways. Ava said that her dad is her “biggest role model.”

What do you think?

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  1. She *just* turned 13…like, a week ago. Already she’s got hair extensions, highlights, fake eyelashes, and tons of makeup…oh, and the low-cut jeans and crop-top. Give her a few more years, and she’ll be ready for the Rock of Love bus.

    Yes, she’s a beautiful girl, but what’s not beautiful is the way Richie and Heather are allowing her to be sexualized at such a young age. It’s disgusting, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Okay, I just looked at the picture again, and this girl has a see through top and you can see her bra through it! This is NOT okay for a girl of 13! Well it’s not okay for grown woman either, but especially not for a young girl. Her parents need to get a grip, Ava is a good kid.

  3. She is beautiful, but I agree with what some of the others have said…. she is only 13. She is obviously in a hurry to grow up, and it’s up to her parents to make sure she looks appropriate for her age.

  4. I agree the outfit is not at all age appropriate! The make up and hair don’t help either. What happened to 13 year old girls looking like just that, GIRLS?? When I was 13 my friends and I looked NOTHING like the girls on t.v. or in the magazines…and I’m only 26 so it wasn’t that terribly long ago! YiKeS!!

  5. Honestly reading the comments here made me sad. There’s such a thing as picking your battles and clothes will always be the least of any battles as long as the relationship between parent and child is rock solid, which in this case it is. I could bore you with my thoughts on this, but lets just say 13 will ALWAYS be a difficult age no matter where you grew up OR how you grew up. Leave the child be, she’s doing NOTHING wrong and neither is her father. Just think back a little bit harder to the age of 13 you might surprise yourselves.

    • spoken like a true realist. as i read comments i was thinking the same thing. i wasn’t cute enough to be that type of girl at 13, but those who could did, with the parents that would let them. who out there my age doesn’t remember idolizing Twiggy? tell the truth.

  6. I think Ava is a very pretty girl and don’t need to dress so inappropriately like that… She sets a very bad example to girls her age.. I’m only 18 and I think If I was 13 and saw her I’d feel really bad pressure to look like that… Girls are really and truly growing up too fast, Everything is becoming Sexualized… Young teenage girls like Ava should be teenagers and stop trying to act older… I agree with everyone above xx

  7. How is it inappropriate though laurah? Tiny bit of her tummy showing?! There is nothing ‘sexual’ in how she looks and it’s sad that people automatically think that way. She’s 13 and finding her feet that’s all.

  8. she’s soo pretty!!! but it seems like she wants to grow up too fast…normal, like every teenager, oh well. i hope she doesnt start dressing how miley cyrus does now. it would be such a waste

  9. Why does everyone think she is so pretty? The difference between her and every other average pretty girl in america is a top stylist hair/makeup team. I think its creepy. She is 13…maybe at 16/17 I could give this a pass…but she’s a child. And yes I do remember being 13. And she could look pretty and trendy witha few minor tweaks…like no makeup, her own hair colour, a plain white shirt that covers her stomach…she would still look greta but she wouldn’t look like Heather Locklear shrunk in the wash.

  10. I don’t take issue with this. I know i couldn’t wear that at 13 – but hey, different strokes for different folks. This really is in keeping with her role-model, though: she said she is a huge fan of Miley Cyrus.

  11. Stunning looking girl, but that top is way too revealing. Its like a huge billboard for every single weirdo out there. She looks far more grown up than she should be

  12. She’s only 13, for crying out loud. Cover her up and let her be a kid. Parents need to be parents, not pals. Kids have plenty of those already.

  13. Sorry, but she looks awful. She’s a beautiful girl but the makeup and clothes take away from that. It’s obvious she’s trying to look grown up, but she just looks like a little girl playing dress up. That outfit looks ridiculous on a 13 year old. Her eye makeup is caked on so thick you can’t even see that she has beautiful eyes underneath it. She’s much too young and much too pretty to be making herself look like this.

  14. Too bad her parents are druggies, that means she’ll experiment too and follow in their footsteps. Let’s see how they feel when their precious little girl is running around high and drunk cause that’s what she learned from them.

  15. you are all being rediculous. she is 13 years old and that is how teenagers dress. she is a good girl and you should all mind your own bussiness

  16. WOW, wth is that?? I mean, you guys are being REALLY ridiculous. Just because her clothes are not covering up her belly? Oh PLEASE. Inappropriate would be if she was dressed with a tiny-little-short and a top. I mean what’s the matter on using clothes that don’t cover your belly?? At least she’s dressed up in a normal way. I don’t think there’s something inappropriate here. You guys love to make such a scandal for everything. Let her live, she’s turning into a teenager.

  17. I am 33 years old, and for the record, at age 13, I once wore a leopard-print shirt and black spandex shorts with slits up the outside thigh. After that bit of early-teenage rebellion, I calmed down and dressed more conservatively. Let’s just say that by comparison Ava Sambora is dressed much more tastefully than I was in that fleeting moment of insanity. I think we ought to consider that there are a number of factors to keep in mind in the year 2010, however: First of all, these kids’ media exposure to pretty much everything is so much greater than it has been at any other time in history. These kids are savvy from an early age. Further, celebrities like Britney Spears, Christina Augelira, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and so on glamorize what a young teenager should look like (in my childhood, the stars of choice were Tiffany and Debbie Gibson–they certainly didn’t dress provocatively!). The sexualization of teenage girls in American culture has become almost normal to most of us, if not in our lives personally, than in what we see on TV or on the Internet. Also, Ava Sambora is the daughter of two celebrities, so her life is rather rarefied compared to most of our lives anyway. While the pressure to “tart it up” at 13 for me, for example, was certainly there, it didn’t go as far as hair extensions, fake tans, tons of makeup, designer clothes, etc., and it wasn’t something I saw in media culture so much; or maybe it was because I grew up on a farm in Iowa and so didn’t have access to all that stuff. It’s just a different era now, and the Internet makes anything/everything accessible if you want to look like a starlet, even if you live in the middle of nowhere!

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