Guess Who Revealed: Elijah & John Hewson

It’s Bono’s boys!

U2 frontman Bono was seen strolling with his wife Ali and their two sons – Elijah, 11, and John, 9 – through Central Park in New York City on Tuesday (October 26). The boys enjoyed their scooters while mom and dad took pictures.

Bono and Ali – who have been together for 35 years (!) – are also parents to daughters Jordan, 21, and Memphis Eve, 19.

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  1. Tracey I also think those are Bono’s sons Elijah and John with his wife Ali . He also has two daughters Jordan and Memphis. Cute boys

  2. How can you not stand someone who does so much good with his time and money for people less fortunate? Not many stars are as giving as he is. I think he is an extremely talented person who uses his celebrity and good fortune to help others. What could possibly be wrong with that? Unless you’re someone who doesn’t like helping others.

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