Brooke Burke Talks Kids & Career

Brooke Burke and her absolutely adorable daughter Rain grace the cover of the new issue of Working Mother magazine. The very busy mom – along with her Dancing with the Stars gig, she’s the CEO of, is publishing her first book and has children Neriah, 10, Sierra, 8, Rain, 3, and Shaya, 2! – took some time out to chat about her career and her kids.

On her Playboy past: “My younger ones wouldn’t even know what Playboy is. My older daughters are too young to have that conversation right now. They know I was a model, and they like seeing the contrast of Mommy in sweats to being all glamorized. I don’t think any of my children are going to grow up being judgmental. Many respectable women in the industry have graced the cover of Playboy. So I don’t think it’ll ever be an issue or a problem or anything confusing for my kids.”

On her first TV job, hosting E!’s Wild On: “When I had my oldest, Neriah, I never left her. Traveling around the world was part of my job, and I took her to 40 countries by the time she was 2. I wasn’t going to leave my baby at home; we were a package deal. It’s all about what works for you and what you decide to do with your family. For me, I felt like those younger years were super-important.”

On how she and David Charvet keep the spark alive: “We try to go on a date once a week, but that doesn’t always happen. We’ll have a romantic dinner by candlelight after the kids go to sleep. Sometimes we want time alone, but we’re just too tired. After all, we have two kids under age 3 who aren’t sleeping through the night.”

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  1. What did they do to her and her daughter’s face in photoshop? They look crazy! She is a beautiful woman, and this picture is awful.

    • I agree. Some magazines just get out of control with the photoshop. That is not a flattering picture. Brooke and her daughter look so much better in more natural pictures.

  2. I love the picture on the cover but if she is doing a story on raising her kids then she should have them all on the cover.

  3. Thanks for the article. Brooke has said before that some of her kids do not like being in photos that are public. It surely wouldn’t be right to make them be on the cover of a magazine just because she is doing an interview on parenting!

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