Challen Cates Balances Motherhood & Career “One Day At A Time”

Challen Cates is a producer and actress best known for portraying Mrs. Knight on the Nickelodeon TV series Big Time Rush. The busy mother of two young children – son Colton, 5, and daughter Jasper, 2 – opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about balancing work and motherhood, her favorite charity, and her Halloween plans.

CBS: We hear you’re a mother of two. What are their names and ages?

CC: “Yes I am a mother of 2! My son Colton is 5 and my daughter Jasper is 2.”

CBS: What are your kids into?

CC: “Colton loves to sing and dance, play sports, bake everything, paint, climb, jump, you name it! And little Jasper just wants to do everything her big brother does.”

CBS: Are you prepared for Halloween in your home?

CC: “Oh yeah. We been ready for weeks! We carved our pumpkins last night. We decorated Colton’s room and our front porch for Halloween. We have a scary black cat with red glowing eyes that scared the UPS man. Colton was delighted that someone was really scared. We try to add one good new decoration every year. We are searching for a nice gargoyle in case you have a suggestion for where to look!”

CBS: How do you balance your busy career and motherhood?

CC: “One day at a time. Seriously. We just never know what our schedules will be until the night before. Aaron and I discuss the next day and how to juggle it all.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed your career?

CC: “Well it’s definitely made me a better actor. My heart is about 10 times bigger now. Motherhood also changed your priorities. My children, my family is the most important thing in my world. But working also makes me happy which in turn makes me a better mom.”

CBS: You play a Hollywood mom on the Nickelodeon hit show Big Time Rush. In real life, would you want your children in a band/showbiz? Why or why not?

CC: “I want my children to be happy and if that means working in the entertainment business, then I will be supportive. But I don’t want them to experience rejection and disappointment that unfortunately is part of the game.”

CBS: If you are working with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

CC: “Yes I work with a wonderful organization called Darkness To Light which is a grassroots national non-profit that seeks to protect children from sexual abuse. One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused in this country. Adults need to be aware and informed so that we can put an end to the sexual abuse of children.”

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