Kate Winslet & Her Gorgeous Girl Mia

Actress Kate Winslet had the help of her 10-year-old daughter Mia Honey as she hailed a cab in New York today (November 1).

Since her surprising split from her husband Sam Mendes earlier this year the Oscar-winner, who is also mom to 6-year-old son Joe, has sparked a new romance with British model Louis Dowler.

For her 35th birthday last month Kate’s new beau surprised her with a leather jacket from high end retailer Belstaff.

“He wanted a special present for Kate and took his time looking at the whole collection,” reveals the store manager. “He said how much Kate loved her motorcycle but she only had masculine things to wear on it, so he wanted to treat her to something more feminine.”


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  1. Love this woman! Every time I see candids of her she’s usually with her kids, just hanging and spending time with them, taking them to school, picking them up, etc. She strikes me as a privileged person who gets to do what she loves for a career but is very down to earth about it. She seems like a really practical woman, good hands on mum, she’s a great role model for people to follow their dreams and make sure to stay true to yourself in the process.

  2. For some reason I disliked her new boyfriend from the moment I saw him on some photos here and and this episode with the store babbling to the press what precious present he bought her confirms it.
    Kate’s boyfriend eneter the store: “You know, I want a jacket for my girlfriend Kate Winslet. Did I mention it’s for my Oscar winning actress girlfriend Kate Winslet? Oh, I think my girlfriend, the famous actress Kate Winslet, will like this jacket.”
    What a tool. And she too, if she falls for this sort of guy.

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