Kevin Federline & His Superhero Sons

Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince were all smiles as they took two of his children – Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4 – trick-or-treating in Chatsworth, Calif. on Sunday night (October 31).

The boys dressed up as their favorite superheroes. Sean chose an Iron Man outfit while Jayden opted for a blue Spider-Man costume.

The boys’ mother is K-Fed’s ex-wife, pop princess Britney Spears.


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  1. Is there a holiday K-Fed won’t use to sell pictures of his children? Would have been nice to see the other kids with him as well.

  2. Everyone wants to see these little guys, so i don’t care the other kids aren’t with them 😉 Preston & Jayden are money makers, remember?

  3. The photographer is def way too close in these pics. Yet again their ‘loving, caring and protective father’ (please note the sarcasm people!) always has their best interests at heart- sticking them infront of a lense for all the world to see so people believe he is a good dad. Pathetic and it makes me sick.

  4. There are tons of celebs with their kids trick or treating on this website, but I don’t see you bad mouthing them! At least Kevin took care of his children when their mother lost it.

  5. Wow all of you sound so f’ing ridiculous. He took his kids out for some Halloween trick or treating and fun, and they just so happened to photographed like every other celebrity and their kids did. And how in the heck is the pap too close to take the pic? Have you ever heard of zoom?

  6. And I just want to add that no matter what anyone says about KFed his weight his relationship with Britney or whoever. The fact is that she chose to marry this dude, she could’ve said no, and she had kids by him. He seems to be a great father to his 3 little boys and baby girl, so give credit where credit is due.

  7. No, the paps were not accidently there. Kevin calls them, he knows them cause they are always there when he’s out with the boys cause HE is calling them

  8. oh come on!! the photogs are on the porch! the kids are showing the photog what candy they got! the photog is not zooming in! He is in their faces cause their loser father has called them their to take pictures. GSI media is a PROFESSIONAL photo agency THESE ARE NOT PAPARAZZI PICTURES. THEY WERE PURPOSELY CALLED THEIR

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