Mariah Carey: Céline Dion Suggested Acupuncture To Get Pregnant

Now that Mariah Carey has finally confirmed that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting their first child, it looks like she’s ready to dish on the details of her pregnancy, too.

Mariah is reportedly giving kudos to new mom Céline Dion for helping her to get pregnant. In the past Celine raved about acupuncture as helping her to conceive, and Mariah decided to try it after suffering a miscarriage in 2008.

“Céline was talking about acupuncture. I used to get acupuncture, and I had never thought [of it] with regards to the trying to conceive situation,” Mariah said. “I was [getting it], like, once a day at least.”

Mariah says that the treatments helped her deal with her stress, which she believes is what ultimately led her to being able to get pregnant. She adds that her friends were more surprised that the busy star was able to commit to the regular treatments. “People who know me would be like, ‘You scheduled acupuncture at a certain time every day? You stayed in one place?'” she laughs.

The pop superstar reveals she also turned to hormone treatments to increase her fertility chances. “I put my body through like a whole kind of cleansing situation,” Mariah says. “I had to be on progesterone. I did end up being on progesterone like every month to go through the cycles.”


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  1. I know that there are alot of women that can’t concieve by themselves and need help like IVF, but even with all of the percentages that doctors spit out, that’s not everyone. And that’s made even lower seeing as doctors deem infertility as not being able to concieve after 1 year. I know alot of people that are 40 and have concieved naturally, I know they surely didn’t use IVF because for one it’s too expensive, and two they can concieve on their own. And then there are alot of people that it takes longer than 1 year to concieve, whether they’re an older couple or not. I know it’s ideal for a couple to concieve within a year but I think people should start realizing that that’s not always realistic.

    Go Mariah and Celine, I hear that acupuncture is very good and relazing but damn if I’m letting a million big, smedium, medium, or large needles near me! lol

  2. You are not prescribed progesterone unless you are undergoing fertility treatment, even if its just fertility drugs such as clomid.

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