Amber Portwood’s Mom: She Needs A “Break” From The “Drama”

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood’s mother, Tonya, speaks out to Life & Style about her daughter. For months Tonya remained mum while her 20-year-old daughter physically and verbally abused former fiancé Gary Shirley in front of the couple’s toddler, Leah, 2, on her popular MTV reality show.

Tonya says her daughter needs a break from all the drama. “She needs a break from filming.” Although Amber has already started shooting season three, “I think she should quit now,” Tonya says. “Things need to calm down. There’s been way too much drama.”

Even before Gary came into the picture, Tonya reveals that Amber was emotionally damaged by the loss of her infant sister, Candace, who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when Amber was just 6-years-old. “That was her baby sister,” says Tonya. “Amber just loved her.”

Tonya says that Amber is on the road to recovery. “She’s left Gary. When she’s not with Gary, she’s fine. She’s looking for a better place to raise Leah. She’s seeing a therapist. She’s getting herself straightened out. She’s trying to turn her life around.”

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  1. Oh! OF COURSE, it’s all Gary’s, and MTV’s, fault! It can’t be that Amber is jackass with issues. I am sorry her sister died, but take some personal responsibility.

  2. Please, it’s all because of Gary and the loss of her baby sister? I’m not buying that explanation. I think Amber has serious issues. She needs a lot of therapy and I think Amber is lucky that the father of her child is a good person with a huge heart.

  3. LMFAO what a joke. She probably doesn’t even remember her sister that died 14 years ago. I don’t remember my brother’s birth when I was that age.

    It’s obviously allll Gary’s fault too.

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  6. What about the laws put into place about children being in front of camera’s. The Gosselin’s had to get papers so do these ladies? I can’t seem to think about how unhealthy it is for these kids to always have a camera shoved in their face.

  7. Well then she will be really screwed not getting that $60,000 pay check. The show has nothing to do with it. She is crazy and needs help. I don’t think I have seen a better description of what white trash is!

  8. oh god i just read the rest of the article. Are you kidding? Emotionally scarred from a death 15 years before? That is a cop out. And it doesn’t matter who she is with she is extremely unstable and that child should be taken away from her asap!

  9. I think the important part of this is that Amber is seeing a therapist and getting help. She is obviously very depressed, possibly bipolar, and should have been seeing a therapist years ago. I think people should chill out a little with their harsh criticism of Amber. She has done some pretty awful stuff, but she wants to change and is seeking help to do so.

  10. Does she really want to change?? Or is it all an act since the world has seen her true side. Is she just saying shem is wrong and needs therapy to get all this bad media of her back. Girls like Amber tend to do whatever it takes to get there way when deep down they are still the spoiled rotten nasty white trash they always were. She probably just wears that regretful face when cameras are around and whats her excuse for not putting sheets on leahs bed and filthy discusting house she keeps and allowing some guy that she barely knew other than the fact he had been to jail clean her house and change her baby girls diapers. She brought all this on herself. I have no pitty for her.

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