Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland Have Chosen A Baby Name!

Former star of The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland have tackled one of the hardest parts of being parents-to-be: they’ve chosen a name for their first baby, due in January. This comes after Rycroft’s doctor told them their baby was the wrong gender! The couple has confirmed that they will be having a little girl in a few months.

Unlike that news, they’ve decided to keep the baby name to themselves. “I think we are going to keep that little secret between us until she’s actually here, though.” Rycroft told US in an interview. She also admitted that, “The name came to us pretty easily.”

Rycroft also admits that she and Ty haven’t done much to get ready for their little girl’s impending arrival, “We picked out our furniture from Bellini so we have the sheets and the décor, but we aren’t setting any of it up until January.”


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  1. It’s beyond me why she feels the need to report every detail of her life to the press. If she doesn’t want to tell people the name then why even bring it up. It’s as if she wants to believe that she’s way more important to the public than she really is, as if we’re all just waiting around with bated breath dying to know the name of her child. She needs to get over herself.

  2. Um, she was asked the question in a US Magazine interview. She gave a simple answer. I am so happy for them – congrats!

  3. Love, love, love Melissa!! She is an upbeat person who is always positive and encouraging. She may have been discovered on a reality series, but she has the qualities necessary to be a host or a correspondent – which she is now.

  4. I really like Melsaa, you can even tell that she has good personality by the way she smile alot. And wish them heath baby and health marriage and my pray was answer for them to have little girl, God bless them.

  5. Melissa is an angel! I love her to bits. I was so happy when she told jason his fortune on “after the final rose” he is really the biggest idiot ever and melissa deserves to be crazy happy. Congratulations to melissa and tye on their pregnancy! Being a mom is the best thing ever!!!

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