Brad Pitt & Shiloh’s Zip-Lining Fun

Family fun time! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took three of their children – Pax, 7 this month, Zahara, 5 1/2, and Shiloh, 4 – zip-lining at a park in Budapest, Hungary today (November 5).

Papa Brad helped a very excited Shiloh onto the fun zip-line. We love that sweet smile!

Just two days ago, we spotted Brad and his eldest sons – 9-year-old Maddox and Pax – at the premiere of his new movie Megamind 3D in New York City.

The 2-year-old Jolie-Pitt twins – Knox and Vivienne – weren’t spotted on either occasion.

The doting dad-of-six said they plan on an unconventional Thanksgiving this year:

I’m not really sure where we’ll be for it, but yeah, it’ll be overseas,” he said. “We’ll whip up a turkey somewhere.”


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    • The paps are stationed outside their house they follow them everywhere on the set, they follow Brad on his bike, they follow the BG walking the dog . There are videos on youtube

  1. Zahara is turning 6 and she’s still carried even though they are not in a crowd or getting away from a pack of paparazzi. There are pictures of Shiloh sucking her thumb while Brad was carrying her. You know that if the parents were someone else, everyone would be outraged.

    • Get a life. there are enough normal ppl’s kids that suck their thumb and being carried even older than 6. It’s probably not like she’s walking around carrying her, shhh.

    • OMG Angie picks up her daughter- the outrage! She also kisses her daughter maybe we should call Child Protective Services. I guess I better not ever pick up my 7 y.o. when she is tired or upset since that is child abuse.

    • Carried my 5 yr old son today and noone seemed outraged. When he’s too big or doesn’t want me to then I’ll stop. Not before.

  2. So what violet still sucks on a binky when she was around 4.suri is still on the bottle at age four. Violet at four and half is carried by Jennifer suri wearing high heel at 4.priness wearing makeup at two. Sam sucking her thumb at six.

    • All of them are criticized profusely, just like Sheen’s daughters are. Everyone is allowed to criticize THOSE kids, but not Brad and Angelina’s kids. The same people that criticize those kids defend these. It’s so hypocritical.

      • “The same people that criticize those kids defend these. It’s so hypocritical.”

        How do you know they’re the same people?

        And if you think there’s less criticism for this family, you’re dead wrong. Did you miss the thousands of comments critizing Shiloh’s dress sense, Zahara’s hair, their use of nannies, travelling lifestyle, etc? I could go on.

        Thumb sucking in a four year old is totally normal, as is carrying a five year old. No psychological or physical problem is going to result.

        • More importantly, why is “anom” keeping tabs on insults aimed at children?

          Anonymous said:”The same people that criticize those kids defend these. It’s so hypocritical.”

          That’s a seriously messed up way of looking at life. Anom is ticked that kids aren’t being fairly criticized. Sad state of mental affairs isn’t it.

      • please, there are TONS of people who criticize the jolie pitt family. just look at all the brouhaha over shiloh’s short hair and boy clothes!

  3. thye haters need to shut their trap they are always whining when they see this family happy,love them they all look happy and relaxed

  4. I agree. Haters always find something to complain about. I imagine the pack of strange men (paps) hanging around the park licking their chops, yelling out to the children might have something to do with their a) wanting to be carried and b) any potential thumb sucking……merely ways to find comfort.

  5. Just when I thought the haters can’t get any dumber they prove me wrong. The only thing on this site are celebrity kids. Nobody is whining and questioning how or why Woody Allen, Sandra Bullock’s kids are photographed. The “how did the paps know they would be there” insinuation is old and stupid. Everybody knows that the paps follow celebrities from home/work. What’s wrong with a 4-year old sucking their thumb? Or a 4 and 5 year old being carried? This happens all of the time. If they were 14 then that is a problem. It’s amazing that these kids are doing normal, everyday things but just because they are Jolie-Pitts it’s wrong.

    • Great post BethT! I give Brad and Angelina a big applause for proving the world that was against them (and those who obviously remain so) wrong on all points. They are obviously gaga over one another and that love just gets transfered to their brood in deed. These kid’s are probably more balanced than mine lol. They get amazing quality time with their parents. They all seem very well mannered and behaved and we’ve read people who’ve interacted with them say as much. They have grandparents in their lives, they’re not only learning about varying cultures, but doing it hands on most of the time. Brad and Angie never seem to be on any extended absense from their clan, and even then, they take a child or two or three with them. There are those who would love for them to live up to the stereoypical celebrity get together, have a baby, breakup, rinse and repeat.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love seeing a happy family, celebrity or not, and these guys seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.
    As for the other debate…most children suck their thumbs or have done at some point. Some only do it for comfort, some do it more. I hate the idea of forcing children to stop, all I would do is encourage them to find some other way to comfort, but even then if they don’t, it doesn’t matter! I know teens and adults who still do it when they’re nervous, or in their sleep.
    (plus for kids Shiloh and Zahara’s age, sucking thumbs and chewing on fingers is pretty common when you’re teething)
    And I’m all for carrying kids as long as they are happy and you are happy with it. Some parents want to stop as soon as their children are walking properly, others will wait longer…maybe there is a point where you should stop, but most kids I know kind of grow out of it naturally – or when they’re too heavy to hold!
    Plus when you’re out on a day like this, having fun and having a laugh, a nice cuddle and a kiss is the nicest thing in the world.

  7. I find it silly that parents are being criticized for carrying their children. Haters, why should it matter to you? If my 5 year-old child wants me to carry her, why should I deny her that comfort? Kids grow up so fast, you only get to hold them for an extremely short time in their early life before they grow out of it. Give these loving parents a break will ya?

  8. Not one person has made the comment that Brad is only at the park with his kids because he has a movie to promote yet when Ben Affleck was spotted with his family at soccer practice so many were busy typing it was only because he had a movie out.

    Now, let’s be fair and stop making silly comments about familys we don’t like and ignoring the same or similiar things being done when the ones we do like get by without one negative word. Just saying…….

    • brad is always at park or outdoor with kids when he s not working.
      when he was in venice, didnt have any movie to promote
      you would see them at park, museum, boat, bday parties etc..
      he s always with his family, we cant say the same about affleck family

      • That’s a load of crap. There is pictures of Ben with Violet just today on Zimbio. You also see just as many pictures of Ben with his daughters as you see Brad with his. I mean if you actually took the time and counted them up. (and im sure we both have better things to do)

  9. I LOVE this park! Such innovative things for kids to do! Shiloh and the rest of the kids are having a blast and it looks very safe for a child! Good for their parents that they take their kids to such cool places to learn, explore, have FUN, and create FAMILY MEMORIES! You cannot beat those shared experiences!

  10. Maybe its her clothes (though I doubt it) but Shiloh looks like a very big girl. BIgger than Angie even at 4. My favorite celeb child is Violet but Shiloh seems to developed a personality in the past 2 years she didn’t have before. HEr little sister seems to have the same blank look Shiloh had as a 2 year old.

  11. The family that plays together, stays together. These pics are just adorable. Looks like Shi is letting her hair grow again. She looks absolutely adorable here. And Zee is also very beautiful little girl. So who cares if Angie still carries her. To me it shows that Angie loves her daughter and Zee loves her mum. Shiloh really is dad´s little girl. That smile in Brad´s face tells everything. This man was so meant to be a father. He seems to be loving every minute of this family time in the park and so is Angie. They´re like any other family having fun. Also Pax seems to be having a lot of fun.

  12. I thin both girls look very pretty. My son -6- and my girl -3- would love to go to such a playground, it really looks like fun.
    I had to laugh when I saw at another website that Pax and Shilow were carrying the Playmobil-catalog when they leave the playground. It`s my sons bible…

  13. Awww look at Pax’ sweet little face. Beautiful boy, can’t believe he turns 7 this month. Time flies….
    The girls are cute and the parents aren’t bad either 😉 Happy family

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