Dream Jam Band: Music That Will Have Your Child Singing, Dancing and Learning

What if you could put in a CD for your child that was engaging, fun, educational and you could actually enjoy it too? The Dream Jam Band was formed under these exact principles. Comprised of entertainers, musicians and teachers, The Dream Jam Band composes and performs music based on the principle that young children are endowed with a capacity to synthesize musical ideas, enhancing learning in all areas. What does this mean for mommy? Music you can feel good about letting your kids listen to without going batty yourself – (purple dinosaurs anyone?!).

Now, on the heels of the success of their first album “Dream Jam Band” (two singles from this album, “Nicky Knock Knock” and “Look Around” reached number one at SiriusXM satellite radio) comes their second album, “Leave it in the Soup”. A harmonious adventure perfectly suited for the tastes of children and their parents, “Leave it in the Soup” is a melodic stew that spans the spectrum of rock, pop, blues, hip-hop, sing-a-longs and classical.

The Dream Jam Band is a musically prolific powerhouse that writes original, engaging and intelligent children’s songs. The talent of the collective members includes proficiency with over 20 musical instruments, and their positive lyrics and infectious tempo bring all members of the family to the party. All songs are written by the band and feature sophisticated productions of full-blown modern tracks and encompass a broad range of influences, from the Beatles to Mozart, Duke Ellington to Woody Guthrie. Produced by award winning songwriter and producer Rick Chertoff (Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, Ron Howard’s The Grinch) their music has something for every member of the family to enjoy.

The Dream Jam Band has several projects up their sleeves currently including a book collaboration with noted children’s illustrator Mark Braught, and the upcoming release of the album Barry G and the Dream Jam Kids. It looks as though The Dream Jam Band will be educating and entertaining families with their catchy melodies for years to come.

The Dream Jam Band’s latest album, “Leave it in the Soup” is available online at Amazon or iTunes.

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