Michelle Stafford Debuts Baby Natalia

It’s our first glimpse of baby Natalia! The Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford posed with her daughter Natalia Scout Lee, 1 next month, at the creative arts fair and family day supporting P.S. ARTS Express Yourself 2010. The event, held in Santa Monica on Sunday (November 7), helped raise funds to improve children’s lives through arts education.

Also supporting this great cause were Modern Family star Julie Bowen and one of her twin boys, soap star Lauralee Bell, husband Scott Martin and their two kids – Christian, 9, and Samantha, 8 – along with actor Mark Feuerstein and his two cuties, Lila and Frisco.

After years of trying to become a mom, Michelle welcomed Baby Natalia via surrogate. “She is healthy, gorgeous, and amazing – Michelle is out of her mind happy,” her rep stated at the time of her birth in December 2009.

The 45-year-old Emmy-award winning actress said she tried artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and considered adoption in her quest to become a mom. “After a three-year journey through hell, I’m elated, ecstatic and feel ultimately lucky to be able to announce I’m expecting my own child via surrogate in December,” Michelle said in September 2009.


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  1. my first thought was that something was wrong too, but then i looked at her moms face and it’s not quite right either….kind of scrunched up. so maybe the combination of that and the chub makes her looks funny.

  2. finally people are not afraid to say that babies and little toddlers do not need to have all that fat that some people find “so cute” in america. it’s unhealthy and it does not look good. this child looks obese already- she may lose some when she gets more mobile but i still think that she will carry a lot of it with her. if she is sick and getting medical treatment and that caused her swelling, well, that is a different case and i apologize for my comments..but otherwise, parents get a reality check on your kids weights!

  3. At second glance, the baby looks like she might be on some kind of steroids for health issues. Not at dr, but I’ve seen a couple of children waiting for or just received organ transplants that look like this. I know they treat them with steroids to prevent rejection. This doesn’t look like a normal “chubby” baby.

  4. wow. harsh comments.

    how, exactly, do you overfeed an 11 month old? seriously?? they drink milk, eat a few mashed up solids… a banana or two…. they are not chugging soda and scoffing chocolate bars.

    my daughter was far chubbier than this little girl. both are now tall and slim (my daughter is a size 0-2 and eats constantly without putting on weight). The number one cause of above-average weight in children under 1 yr of age is… wait for it… GENETICS! Some kids have a big appetite and get really large, really fast. Usually they shoot up and become tall/athletic as they get older. Obviously, most fat children are taking in too many calories for their lifestyles but please obesity police: BACK OFF THE BABIES.

    • THANK YOU!!!! i cannot STAND people on their high-horse about obesity when we’re talking about an infant. i get it – childhood obesity is a problem. BUT CHUBBY BABIES ARE NOT EATING CANDY BARS AND PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ALL DAY! This is an infant, people!!! HELLO! she’s a baby!!! And guess what – doctors would rather see a baby a little overweight than under. I cannot believe people in America feel babies are too fat. BABIES!! Get a grip, people!! they need fat FOR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT! they should be drinking formula, breast milk and when they transition to regular cow’s milk – WHOLE MILK!! Because, unlike your weight-obsessed-self, they need the fat. For their BRAINS. Which are growing. Duh.

  5. One doesnt like to state the obvious – but I really think there’s something wrong with that baby. Sweet little girl though and I hope she isnt plagued with problems growing up.

  6. OMG all of u morons with ur rude comments…Obviously u had lousy parenting and u never learned manners. Or maybe ur parents DID teach u manners and u were too stupid and self centered to think that common courtesy and propriety applied to u. How dare you be so critical and immature. You have the audacity to personally criticize, and openly, I might add (although u have no guts to reveal ur identity[ies]) a little child and the mother who loves her beyond measure.
    Despite of all the negativity in the world (and ur moronic, brainless grumbling), those of us who see ALL life as precious (Yes, morons even yours), do want to Ms. Stafford to know that we love her and wish her nothing but the best!
    Ms. Stafford has gone through alot to become a mother and its idiots like u that can really tick off those of us who are so happy for her and wish her and Natalia a blessed, long, and healthy life.

  7. amelia heinle from the young and the restless will guest star on csi ny amelia heinle will be playing as roz brolly in csi ny

  8. she is adorable, a chunky monkey and will grow out of it, her mother is beautiful, tall and slim and has an amazing figure for 45!!!. My own daughter was a huge bald baby, colicky, cried all the time and looked miserable. She is now 5′ 10″ size 2-4 and gorgeous. She is a now a model. Stop with the negative comments and have a look at your own baby pics, most babies are not really cute, they are growing into themselves, kind of scrunchy looking and chubby.

  9. It’s more likely there is something wrong with her baby if she had her at 44 years you are 100 times more likely to have a Downs Syndrome child the older you age. I know because I had a child at 40 and was advised to have an amniothensis test during pregnancy to see if there were any abnormalities but the risk of having a miscarriage was too high and I elected not to have one. My child is a healthy and beautiful 6 year old I agree thereis something wrong with that child.

  10. God forgive me but that baby is not cute at all. And too overweight. You people that say she will outgrow it, how do you think fat toddlers, teenagers, and adults are made? It starts when you are young. Sure some out grow it, a lot don’t Hope the baby doesnt have any issues.

  11. Sunny Sue…fat or not, obese or not…that is one ugly baby!!! Why do we say that a baby is cute because is an infant. If people can be ugly, a baby can be too. And that s a very ugly child.

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