’16 & Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson Happy She Did Not Appear On ‘Teen Mom’

Out of all the original participants on MTV’s reality show, 16 & Pregnant, only one — now 19-year-old Ebony Jackson — was not invited to participate in the successful spinoff, Teen Mom.

In a new interview with Life & Style, Ebony reveals that she is happy she was not invited to be on the new show. “The Teen Mom couples are just so unhappy,” she says. “And now they have to deal with everyone knowing them and getting in their faces.”

Ebony married her boyfriend and father to her daughter, Josh in June 2009. Their daughter Jocelyn is now 18 months. She says they’re “so happy” and are even talking about adding another child to their family! The happiness Ebony and Josh share is the reason she feels she was not asked to be on Teen Mom. I think the reason I wasn’t chosen is that I was happy.” she said, even revealing that the producers attempted to get her to fight with Josh more often. She adds, “All the other girls had drama going on in their lives, and I just didn’t.”


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  1. Its nice that she is happy, however, the reality is girls that have children at 16 rarely turn out to have a happily ever after. These girls are getting $60,000 a season alot more then they would be making on their own. So as much as she thinks she isn’t happy she didn’t get asked I am sure she wouldn’t have turned it down with a paycheck like that. Why is she being interviewed now? Im sure she got paid for that interview!

    • Why does it matter if they get paid or not. Im pretty sure you wouldnt wanna give your lifer away to everyone with nothing in return. You gotta think everyone that is on tv gets paid. So get over it. The stupid ass shows that they have people dont complain about it. So just drop the money thing.

    • ACTUALLY if you would read you would know that they are doing just fine. Josh is in the military they don’t need some stupid show filled with drama & other nonsense just for money. That comment was stupid and so are you.

      • Considering she has recently been arrested and the baby was taken away and put into Child Protective Services, no, they are not doing fine. They probably didn’t sign up for Teen Mom because it would’ve showcased even more drama and have it on camera to be used in court.

  2. Wrong there are six girls from 16 and pregnant. Maci Amber Catelynn Farrah Ebony and Whitney. Four of the girls are on the show. Ebony and Whitney are not on teen mom.

  3. of course they wanted drama. I’m betting that 75% of it is all staged just like most reality tv shows.
    I don’t think it’s healthy for the babies to have camera’s on them all the time.

  4. No one on any TV Show especially reality TV starts out making 60,000 dollars an episode. These shows do not go on forever, and they’re not worth your self respect and diginity.

  5. Money can’t buy happiness! Ebony was one my favorites on 16 and Pregnant, Season 1. Her and Josh seemed the most together as far is love and the future. Congraulations on the marriage and Joselyn is adorable!

  6. I am pretty sure that the purpose of the show is to discourage teen pregnancy. Seeing one out of 6 could give many teens a reason to be pregnant, hoping that he and she could end up as happily as Ebony and Joshua. NOTE: I am so happy for Ebony and Josh. She was a very determined woman and she made it happen. Usually when a teen becomes pregnant, they give up friends and hanging out – she had to give up her dream career to fight for America’s freedom. That was a hell of a sacrifice, but she handled it wth poise. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  7. i never was a teen mom but some friends was and made themselves a carreer and i respect the fact that she didn’t do teen is was better for her because many reality show destroy families the pweson involve end up affected like the amber portwood and baby leah and reality shows is a curse and people loose respect and their dignity and she handled her episode mature

  8. There is no way that baby is josh’s baby Ebony hooked up with a black guy and got pregnant I know Ebony is biracial and there is no way the baby will look like that if that was ;osh’s baby

    • You’re an idiot for making this comment. That baby looks just like him. Look at her features. A biracial baby can look like both parents, neither one, or one or the other. You never know.

      • It was on one of the after shows, or maybe on her episode- but didn’t his family make them get a paternity test because the baby was so dark at birth?

  9. I also have doubts about the paternity of Ebony’s baby, and I am an anthropologist. She is absolutly beautiful, however I have long suspected Josh NOT to be the biological father.After the “where are they now “episode I am certain. A biracial mother and white father are just genetically not going to have a baby with zero european features! They seem to be doing great as a family and I wish them the best of luck….but I think the true reason they weren’t included on TEEN MOM is because he is most likely not the biological father of that child and MTV suspected just that.

    • All of you stating Josh is not the father of Ebony’s baby need to take a close look at the baby. And if you watch the “Where are they now” episode Ebony clearly stated she had a paternity test done because Josh’s mother also doubted the paternity of Jocelyn and it was his baby.

  10. I agree with both of you. Just saw them on the Where Are They Now ep and omg! I think he needs to sneak a paternity test. He wanted her to be pregnant. I kinda did too so they could have a baby and see what the baby would really look like!

  11. but she said that his mother doubted and she had a paternity test which proved that josh was the father. alot of people dont understand genetics. biracial children dont all look the same colour. her father pehaps is very dark skinned. she had the dominant gene. they might have another child that may be very light skinned. you never know. i live in a very racially mixed country and sometimes you are shocked to see what race mixing turns out.

  12. People should leave them alone!! I am so sick and tired of hearing people go on about what biracial children HAVE to look like!! I don’t know josh or ebony but I do know how twisted of a concept it is to expect that all children from say, black and white marriages have light caramel skin. Who invented the formula or said there was one?!? People have nothing to do and that is precisely why they would begin to point fingers at the skin color of a child! If the father doesn’t care, why should you? Find lives people, and quit your narrow-mindedness, it’s tired thinking.


    • Oh I completely disagree! Can you believe what would happen had they taken the test and results had returned saying Josh WASN’T the father?? Not only would his totally crazy mom freak and leak the news, but Josh would dump Ebony! Is he attached to baby Jocelyn? Yes. But certainly not enough to stay away from his family and friends if he wasn’t her dad! In an instant he’d be back to partying and at the very least he and Ebony would take a break! Hence, the baby is JOSH’S

    • “B” you STUPID, your probably someone that doesn’t like black people…Like some of the comments stated earlier, a mixed baby is not always gonna be fair skinned….White ain’t always right honey….Get a life and stay out of theirs….My grandfather was pure white and his wife was indian (blackfoot tribe) and most my family member’s are dark skin and some even have kinky hair…..I myself have kinky hair when not permed, but I am light skinned and my mom and dad are both black, but with white in their blood.
      We are all God’s children and when you are I get cut, we both bleed red.
      If by chance he wasn’t the dad, that ain’t your business anyway…let those people live their lives, you act like you jealous or something….Are you one of those white folk that got turned down by a black person and now you have issues with mixed couples and their babies….YOUR SAD, JUST ABSOLUTELY SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I would love to know how to contact Ebony. We live in the same area where her husband is stationed now and my daughter is 18 and has a 7 month old. I think it would be great for you both to meet. I think it would help her.

  15. Evidently some of you have never seen a bi racial person that was darker than what you thought they should be or maybe you just assumed them to be something their not because of the color of their skin. My nephew is of the same mix. My aunt is white and his dad is black and he is pretty dark. His dad is dark. You can’t even really tell he’s mix until you see him with his mom. My son is also mixed. Most people can’t tell he’s mixed either they just assume he’s a “light skinned” full black baby. Genes do play a part in looks people. If you saw Ebony on the street without knowing who she was nine times out of ten you would assume she’s black and not missed. I don’t see why everyone is so concerned with their baby anyway it’s not like their asking any of you to support her

  16. Hey everyone, just wondering if anybody knows when the new Teen mom comes on Television in Britain? Any help plz???

  17. So i guess they are not doing as well as they let on …seeing how they nolonger have their baby and are in jail and to think they were talking about having another baby omg smh

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