The Boreanaz Boys: Philadelphia Fans!

Actor David Boreanaz and his 8-year-old son Jaden showed off some team spirit while out shopping at The Commons mall in Calabasas, California yesterday (November 13). The Bones star, who grew up in Philadelphia, wore a Flyers T while Jaden sported an Eagles jersey.

Last weekend we spotted David out and about in LA with his wife Jaime Bergman and their 1-year-old daughter Bella.

The couple will be celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary later this month.


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    • My brother has lived in LA as long as Boreanaz and my nephews are big Philly sports fans. There’s nothing wrong with someone retaining loyalty to hometown sports teams or their children emulating this even if they live in a town that has it’s own sports franchise.

    • So what? Does that mean when I was living in Florida I should have given up my loyalties to my New York sports teams, simply because I was living somewhere else? That’s ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with sporting hometown loyalties. I do agree that his son never looks happy, though. Poor kid always looks miserable.

  1. Funny ever since the lying, cheating, girlfriendssss scandel came out he tries so hard to portray the family man image. Give it up…

    • Amazing how judgmental you are. You must be a miserable, lonely person to cast stones. Your insipid remarks mirror your own anger. You shld really start loving yourself and maybe then you will see the light. People make mistakes. Easy for you to hide behind a key board and computer screen.

      • Yeah, but these weren’t mistakes. David’s been cheating on Jaime the entirety of their marriage and it’s why his first marriage ended as well. That’s not a mistake, that’s a pattern of behavior. He won’t change, because he obviously never did in the first place.

        • You make it sound like u know him. Such misery and anger you spew. You don’t know his personal life, nor what goes on behind closed doors. The man came forward and addmited his mistakes. With his wife no less! They obviously are working on it. I find that strong and dedicated. Every marriage has issues. You obviously just like to Judge and remain hidden behind you curtain and type away. What a sad exsistance. Get over it.

  2. I agree with last poster. I think its even funnier that he can’t go alone anywhere. Always seems to have a family member with him. Perhaps the wife doesn’t trust him. Can you blame her I wouldn’t. Don’t know where he would be going or who he would be doing.

      • LOL It wasn’t a mistake. A mistake is a one-night stand. David’s been cheating on Jaime for years. That’s a pattern of behavior. Big fan of his, but he deserves to be judged for that. This wasn’t a one time thing and it wasn’t the first time he cheated on her. Maybe he should have thought about how it would affect his family or his image before he went around screwing other women.

    • I wouldn’t either, but she’s not innocent in this. She knew what she was getting herself into when she married him. She knew his history with cheating and she’s known about him cheating on her for years. Even with this Rachel stuff, he told her a year before he publicly admitted it and she was the one who convinced him to publicly admit it. The only difference is that it went public, so bad publicity came with it. Jaime was never in the dark about David’s philandering ways. It is funny though how he can never go anywhere alone anymore. I agree.

    • Her name was Bardot but apparently they changed it to Bella Vita Bardot. Not sure why but it sounds much better then Bardot. I guess maybe they got too much flack for it and kinda woke up a realized that child needed a better name!

      • Bella was the nickname they used for her and they liked it much better. Jaime said on her Twitter they felt it suited her better, so they legally changed the name.

  3. Boreanz proved he didn’t love his family when he became a cheat.
    I read she got pregnat and then he married her. She was lucky that he did the right thing. But that also explains why he has had girlfriends and cheated throughout their marraige. No real true love there. And she’s a doormat for putting up with it.

    • You are rude and ignorant. The doormat is your keypad. And your life is miserable to cast stones. Take a look i’n your closet. What do u see?

      • Oh, please. David opened himself up to judgment when he came out and admitted that he cheated on his wife more than once. If he didn’t want that, he shouldn’t have gone whoring around when he’s in the public eye. You always get caught.

    • Nail meet head. It’s amazing how on-point you are with the entire thing. I guess some people really do have brains after all.

  4. They have problems if they can’t even decide on a name. Crazy.
    And those who continue to bash him because he was a cheat.
    Right on. No more great family man. His fans must be sooo upset and disappointed with him.

  5. Its a real shame that even after a year that all the rumors and everything about his lying and girlfriends came out no matter what is written about him the stuff still comes up. He will never live it down. I feel bad for his kids.
    But he played and now he pays and pays. Next time get with girls who can keep your secret.

    • U will never live down your miserable life. Easy to bash, when u are anonymous . Easy to hide. What gives u the right to judge? What a sad life u must have to crucify a Man who made a mistake. Look i’n the mirror and examine your own demons . Such anger has exposed your weakness i’n life. Get a life.

      • LMFAO Oh, please. It wasn’t a mistake. It’s not like this was a one-night stand or even the first time he cheated on his wife. David’s been doing this to Jaime for years and she’s known about it all along. He did the same thing to his first wife. It’s a pattern of behavior that won’t change. Stop making excuses for him.

  6. He is an immoral, lying, cheating man…who experienced no guilt whatsoever until he was caught…..That’s why people don’t like him, end of story.

  7. I agree with those bashing him unfortuantly. No mistake that he had cheated throughout his whole marriage. A one time mistake I could see forgiveness…but he has made cheating his lifestye. Sorry you David lovers but he’s a dog. And too bad the wife has such low self esteam that she has taken it for so long. Her mother should have raised her better. Dumb bunny blond. Bad example for her kids. they will read about this for years…………and hope they don’t follow in his footsteps or hers either. Get them counseling now. Hollywood mixed up family.

  8. WOW!!!, All the David Boreanaz hate. All the mean comments are from obviously Deschanel fans. They are now degrading DB’s wife. How in the world do they know that she cheated on him. Yes, she was a playboy model, but that was 10yrs ago. Name me one person who wouldn’t want to change something they did when they were younger. Do all the Emily fans know what she was like years ago? No way. Could it be that the person we see in interviews is not what she really is? She must have low self esteem to marry the guy that she did. HE IS UGLY!!!!

  9. David was a cheater with his first wife….so why was anyone surprised to find out he continued to cheat with the second. No opinon on her being a bunny as she was trying to use it to springboard a careeer that never really came about. Open marriage probably and when it became public became an embarrassment for the family. Let them be. Its their disfunctional life.

  10. Their are two big differences between Jaime and Emily. Jaime bagged one of the most attractive men in Hollywood if not the most attractive and Emily one of the worst Emily doesn’t have to worry about him cheating because who the hell would want him.

  11. Comments here are much more humorous than most comedy shows on TV. What does it matter how and with whom they live their lives? It’s nobody’s business than the people directly involved. As long as they don’t harm any third party everything is fine for me.

  12. Valle obviously has some “inside information” here…possibly from being one of his many lovers?? Everything she says is spot on. David fell in “love” with women he had affairs with. It wasn’t just sex. Whatever he has with Jaime cannot be real, because he was deeply in love with so many others until he got caught. The guy has serious emotional issues, and maybe a sex addiction, too. I cannot understand why she would stay with such a man. He will do it again, no doubt.

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