Kendra Wilikinson: Moms Can Be Sexy, Too!

Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson won’t be donning a pair of “mom jeans” anytime soon. The reality star mom-of-one is pictured on the cover of the new issue of In Touch magazine – along with her adorable son Hank, 10 months – asking, “Can’t a mom be sexy?”

Kendra, 25, recently ranted against the expectations surrounding motherhood on her show.

Being a mom and everything, it’s hard,” she says. “Everyone thinks I need to have a turtleneck shirt on and mom pants and act like a total society robot … and that’s not me. I woke up and realised, ‘Who am I living my life for?’ Like, I wanna live my life for me. That’s what I am going through right now.”


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  1. there’s an enormous difference between being sexy and being an exhibitionist. kendra’s ‘rants’ on the subject have gotten old. nobody is telling her to act like a robot. acting like a responsible adult would be nice, though. bottom line, she shouldn’t have married and had a child if she wanted to live her life for herself.

  2. HOW can she says something as selfish as “I want to live my life for me” when she has a child! I think that baby will do MUCH better if he’s raised by his father. It’s probably what’s going to happen too.

  3. I don’t care what ANYONE says, I will be a mom, but I will not give up being ME! That’s not selfish, that’s just what it is. If I’m out with ADULTS, I’m going to do ADULT things, regardless if I’m a mom or not. I’m still young enough to want to go out and act a fool, but not foolished enough to act out and jepordize my kid or family. I think people tend to want “mothers” to act a certain way and it’s just not going to happen. People have to realize “mothers” are people too. They have needs, those needs and things don’t stop because you have a baby. It’s 2010 going into 2011…not 1710 going into 1711. C’mon! If I let my life consume me of just working and being a mom, I wouldn’t be any good to my kid. Mommy needs to “release” just like a kid. The way I do it is my business, and if you just happen to see it, oh well. Kids need to stay in a “kid’s place”. I’m not about to wonder, “what if my child sees this?” So what! First of all, I wouldn’t allow them to see me acting out like that. Secondly, if they just HAPPENED to see it, I would explain to them, this is a part of who Mommy is. Mommy is grown and is taking care of you and the home, when you become an adult I’m sure their will be things you will do, however the key thing is that you will be an ADULT and out of MY HOUSE.

      • Better stuck with someone like me, than someone who has their head in the sand, with no life outside of their kids. News flash, kids grow up…when they’re gone, what are you to do if all you’ve done is consume your life around them?? I’m talking even after they’ve become teenagers. Having a life outside of the home does not make you a bad parent. PERIOD. No one’s saying to go out and become a prostitute on the low, but LIVE YOUR LIFE. Okay, so you get drunk and and dance all night, so what! As long as it’s not a habit and the baby isn’t on your hip while doing so, how is this effecting the kid?! Most kids should be in bed anyway by the time you “go out” to party or at least getting ready for bed. You raise your kids your way, I’ll raise mine my way. I don’t knock how you’re doing it, if there was ONE RIGHT way to do it, the lil darlings would come with manuals.

        • Most of us can live our life without getting drunk and dancing all night 0:-). You obviously don’t know what Kendra meant though.

          • You are correct, and if you paid attention to what I wrote, you would see that I said “not to make it a habit”. I used that as an example, not a fact. I see pics of Kendra with her son or her husband more than I see her out partying. But hey! You’ve got it all figured out and are soooo perfect that you must walk on water, LMAO!!!! As I’ve stated before, you do what works for your family and I will do what works for mine. It’s that simple, enjoy your day. = )

          • I have raised four children who are happy and succesful adults with families of their own. How many have you raised? DO YOU EVEN HAVE KIDS? Because it sure seems like you don’t! I have seen how kids of people like you ended up far too often to just let your ridiculous comment/point of view slip by.

          • Uhm Im pretty sure if you read the first post you could see she has at least one child. There are some of us who actually enjoy children and having grown up time. Just because we don’t devote every second to our children doesnt make us any less great parents.

  4. You can have a good time and not flash random men. If a father or any man was out flashing his privates to random women, we would all say he’s perverted. No one (man, woman, married, single) should be doing that.

  5. I think part of the problem here is getting pregnant and having a baby so young. Women who wait until later in their life (30s, etc) tend to have lived fully and experienced the things they want to BEFORE they have a baby and devote their lives to their kids which, in my opinion, is how it it should be when you have a child. It’s not about YOU anymore.

  6. I don’t think that going out and getting drunk and having fun makes anyone a bad person or parent unless it gets in the way of their parenting. If you get a sitter and go out once in a while and you feel like that makes you a better parent then do it. If you feel like you have to devote every second to your child after they are born and not do a thing for yourself then do it. Stop jumping on each other for doing what you know makes you a better parent. I know that if I don’t get out once a month I feel overwhelmed with routine and it makes me edgy and not nice to my kid, so I go out, most people don’t take it to the extreme.
    On the other hand flashing is always trashy, regardless of how old you are; your marital status, and whether or not you have children.

  7. I want to know what the hell are mom pants? I never had on a turtleneck. Yes I am young enough to have fun and old enough to not be stupid and I would never disrespect my family by acting like a jack ass flashing people.

    Also if she want to be a sexy flashing hot mom then own it. Apparently she wants to live her life for her, so why give a dam what people say. However, I will still find you tacky…

  8. How many times dose this woman need to go to magazines talking about her kid, body, marriage, husband, and being a mother? She needs to shut up stop twitting and running to tabloids magazines every 5 minutes . It’s bad enough that she has a TV show about her life I mean come on she been in 2 or 3 mags in the last two weeks alone and Here I thought the kardashians were bad at less there three of them.

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