Madonna & Kids: Saturday At The Kabbalah Center

Madonna and her kids had on their Sunday best on Saturday (November 20) as they arrived at the Kabbalah Center in New York City.

Madonna’s children Lourdes, 14, David, 5 and Mercy, 4, accompanied their mom but son Rocco, 10, wasn’t with them.

The singer recently revealed that she was dealing with a problem that is every parent’s nightmare – head lice. “There’s some head lice going around in my house… It’s a reoccurring occurrence,” she said. “I’m afraid to lay down in my children’s bed and put my head on their pillows.”

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  1. Mercy is adorable little girl! She will be a beauty when she grows up. David has grown a lot lately. He´s a handsome little boy.

  2. “Looks like it was a girls day out – Madonna’s daughters Lourdes, 14, David, 5 and Mercy, 4, accompanied their mom but son Rocco, 10, wasn’t with them.”

    LMFAO. David isn’t her daughter!!

    • Her outfit and the layers are not flattering for her figure and she’s wearing a brace underneath so it will make her look a little bulkier. Look at the pictures of her from the Harry Potter Premiere and you will see that she looks fine.

  3. Madonna is – Like a God,
    She introduced the world to Jesus.
    Jesus became Madonna’s next Guy.
    Lourdes have Mercy.

    Madonna is – Like a statue,
    Been around for thousands of years.
    A symbol of strength, a reminder of the past.
    Lourdes have Mercy.

    Madonna is – Like a Virgin Mary
    She has a son she didn’t conceive.
    Both their sons have their names in the bible,
    Lourdes have Mercy.

    Madonna is – Like a God,
    Madonna is – Like a statue.
    Madonna is – Like a Virgin – Mary; and I love
    Madonna’s – Like a Prayer. (Lourdes have Mercy)

    Madonna’s always worn crosses,
    And regularly used religion.
    She’s often upset the church,
    And even offended the pope. (Lourdes have Mercy)

    Madonna’s changed her image,
    Madonna’s changed her religion.
    Madonna’s gone from Catholic to Kabalah and ……..
    Madonna’s now dumped Jesus. (Lourdes have Mercy)

    Madonna and Jesus are over,
    David is in the bible.
    Rocco was forgotten, (Poor Guy)
    Lourdes have Mercy.

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