Seraphina Affleck Is Swing Sweet

Jennifer Garner‘s parents took the girls – Violet, 5 next month, and Seraphina, 22 months – to the park in Pacific Palisades today (November 21). Baby Sera had fun on the swing while Violet enjoyed playing in the sandpit.

Meanwhile, Jen was seen shopping at Gelson’s Market in preparation for Thanksgiving this week.

The girls’ father is Jen’s husband of five years, Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck.

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  1. I love the Afflecks as much as anyone, but I find it really disturbing that the paps follow the kids even when they aren’t with Ben and Jen. I think its really creepy that adults are stalking small children.

  2. I wish there were more pics of Violet. She’s so cute and I’ve missed seeing her. I can’t believe she’s gonna be 5 next Wednesday.

    • I like Sarah G. and also share her opinion about Violet and resent others attacking her for her comment when she has done nothing to deserve it. Those who call others weird when they are infact the ones displaying not only rudeness but lack of common sense should not be be banished.

  3. What does this site allow such hateful comments against some people and refuse to print others against some celebs that are nearly as nasty? I find that situation not only biased but tasteless.

    CBS please clean up your act and stop being selective. Not a good practice to pick and choose which celebrity family gets a gazillon rude comments while other are protected.

  4. Sarah G., there are some really cute pics of Violet on Jen’s fan site where she is wearing mismatched rainboots. So freaking adorable and she must have two pair very similar because they are both for the right foot. How cute is that?

    I must be weird too cause I adore little Miss Violet (and Sera) and if I didn’t I wouldn’t waste my time trolling this site to attack those that do.

    • Only a nutbag would defend someone they don’t even know. People on here don’t always agree with you so you attack them? What a waste of your time…. you will not change anyone’s mind and you will never find everyone to agree with you. If someone doesn’t find these kids cute or whatever, it’s their opinion. No one is right or wrong, just an opinion. Go get yourself a life.

  5. The paps need to stop stalking this family. They are really low key and down to earth. Nothing to really report about them except spending time with the kids at a local park.

  6. Nice to see that the kids can actually walk on their own without their mother lunging towards them, carrying them, hugging them, suffocating them constantly. She is really overbearing and needs to let them out more without her. Affection is great, but JG seems to want them to need her constantly. It’s not healthy for those kids and doesn’t promote independence.

    • JenG is probably the best mother in Hollywood, you really have to streach, dont you, to find something to criticize her about. And why do you need to find a reason to ciritcize her at all? This site has so many harpy, judgy moms on it! Worry about your own kids whydoncha? what are they doing while you are constantly on the internet? At least JenG gets them out of the house.

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