Wendy Wilson: “My Heart Is With My Children”

“Hold On” children of the ’90s – Wilson Phillips is back! The popular girl group of sisters Carnie and Wendy Wilson, along with longtime BFF Chynna Phillips, have just released a classic holiday album: Wilson Phillips Christmas in Harmony. Wendy opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the new record and their plans for another original album soon, her busy – and “loud” – household of four boys, and how she puts her children first.

CBS: You’re mom to 4 boys! What are their names and ages?

WW: “My oldest is Leo, he’s 7. My second oldest is Beau who is 6. And the twins – who are identical – are 3. Their names are Jesse and Will.”

CBS: Your third pregnancy was twins!

WW: “Yes, it was such a surprise! I was in complete shock. I didn’t even know if I wanted more than 2 and then I had twins. At first I was scared to death and then I got really excited because I thought it was really cool that I had two babies in me. I loved being pregnant. I’m one of those women that really enjoyed being pregnant and really enjoyed the whole experience. I ate as much as I could. The weight pretty much dropped off after I gave birth, except for maybe five pounds. I’m still working on that.”

CBS: Were you hoping for girls during your third pregnancy?

WW: “No. Once I got into the energy of boys, I just fell in love with it. It would’ve been cool to have a girl, especially for my husband who comes from a family of boys. When I was pregnant with the twins, my mom was absolutely positive there was a girl in there. And I said, ‘Well there’s got to be at least one penis in there,’ and I was right.”

CBS: FOUR boys! Your household must be busy!

WW: “My best friend said when she found out I was having two more boys, ‘Oh that’s powerful.’ People just kind of laughed and I said, ‘That’s all you can do.’ What are you going to say? It’s really loud in our house and I’m just used to it now. I was always active, but I was always a girlie-girl. So for me to have four boys, it’s very ironic. Hysterical, really.

It’s Xbox galore in my house – they love it. And now the little ones want to be just like their big brothers and they’re all on Xbox. I also catch my 3-year-olds playing games on my iPhone as well. I get my little dose of girls through Carnie’s kids. I get my pink-fix. But I do enjoy it – it’s my world.”

CBS: Is four kids enough?

WW: “Four kids is all I can handle! I’m busy from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. It’s a very physical job. And of course there’s that emotional part as well. But I love it – I’m a very active person anyways. I enjoy it.”

CBS: How do you manage disciplining four children who span four years in age?

WW: “There’s a lot of fighting and there’s a lot of playing. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship. It’s hard because I’m disciplining the twins because they’re not going potty, while the older boys get into actual fist fights. They’re starting to go after one another. And then there’s the different issues: One won’t do his homework while one won’t eat his food. It’s just crazy, but I do my best and I try to have boundaries, rules and a schedule but it can be hard. There’s so much testosterone in my house – I’m very outnumbered! But I definitely love being the only girl in the house. I can handle it.”

CBS: We saw you on Supernanny. Did it help? Do you use any of the tricks she taught you?

WW: “Definitely. It was an invaluable lesson. She really knows what she’s doing and she does it for the love of children and to help people. It’s not a gimmick, she’s for real.

I believe that she taught us how to be organized. That was the main thing that we needed to figure out how to do. She taught us how to schedule our day and be consistent with the kids. Consistency was such a big lesson because I never had consistency as a child so that was a big challenge for me. Now I’m a mom and if you don’t have that, then you can’t control your kids. I learned quite a bit.”

CBS: Tell us all about the new Wilson Phillips Christmas album.

WW: “It’s called Wilson Phillips Christmas in Harmony and it’s out now! I adore the record – I think it turned out really great. It has a lot of class and it’s tastefully done. There’s a lot of fun songs on the record so it doesn’t get boring. Every time it comes down, it comes right back up. It’s a great record for everybody. I hope everyone likes it as much as we do.

Some of the hits are Sleigh Ride, The Christmas Song, Winter Wonderland, we have 3 originals which were so much fun to write. We also have Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night, When a Child is Born, and more.”

CBS: Are you doing any shows/ appearances to promote the album?

WW: “Yes, we’re doing the whole gamut. We’re doing everything from The View to the Joy Behar Show to Extra and so on.”

CBS: There must be lots of nannies between the 3 of you gals?

WW: “We have nine children between the three of us! And that’s something that I’ve been trying to do today. I’ve been trying to figure out who will be watching my children when I’m out of town. Just having somebody not intimidated by four children is hard to find.”

CBS: So you don’t have a regular nanny?

WW: “No I don’t. I’m home most of the time with my kids. I like to raise my kids. I’m still very dedicated to my art and to the girls, but my heart is with my children first. It will be always. I’m very impassioned with Wilson Phillips and what we do. It’s always a big part of my soul. But, I’m a mother first.”

CBS: When all the kids are older, will there be a Wilson Phillips reunion?

WW: “We are reunited. We plan on making another record after this. We’re very committed to each other. And I’m at a point where I can work and be a mother. I can do it all.”

CBS: How do you manage your career and motherhood?

WW: “I juggle things and my husband works three days a week so he’s very active in raising the kids as well. We’re kind of are a team in terms of watching our children. We make it work.”

CBS: Do you ever have time for date night?

WW: “Once in a while we do it and it’s great. Honestly, I would say we do it every 6 months. It’s not enough and we’ve told each other that we need to make more time for each other.”

CBS: Do you live in California. Do the other girls as well?

WW: “Yes. I live in Studio City, Chynna lives in Santa Barbara and Carnie lives in Tarzana. We see Chynna mostly when we work together, but if she lived closer we would see her more. My nieces and my children often get together for playdates. They all love each other so much. They’re very close. We do a lot of family stuff together so we see each other quite a bit.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

WW: “We don’t have something in place yet for our next record, but we do plan on making another original album soon. Hopefully next year.”

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