Jack Black: “Parenting Is 90% Energy”

Gulliver’s Travels star Jack Black seems like a really fun dad – but he admits to a few “lazy TV-watching days with the kids.” The funny actor, who has boys Samuel, 4, and Thomas, 2 with his wife Tanya Haden, chats to Parade about family and fatherhood.

“The more sleep I get, the better dad I am,” Jack says. “Parenting is 90% energy; if you don’t have it, then there tend to be some lazy TV-watching days with the kids, and that ain’t gettin’ it done. A great day with them – my sons are 4 and 2 – is an energized adventure into the world.”

The seasoned dad also passes along a few words of parenting wisdom: “My best piece of parenting advice? Never try to make a happy child happier. Just leave it alone. When you try and kick it up to another level with a scoop of ice cream or whatever, it ruins everything.”

With his 5th wedding anniversary just around the corner, Jack says he’s learned a few things about growing a happy marriage.

“Being a good husband is like being a gardener: You’ve got to give your partner lots of water and sunshine (love and support). Communication is key – listening and sharing, finding a good TV show to watch together. My wife and I have really been into Project Runway. It’s also important to ask for what you want. I have a tendency to do whatever my wife wants, and then anger builds up inside me and comes out in little passive-aggressive bursts. It’s better to just communicate your desires up front from the get-go. Such an obvious and strange discovery at the age of 41!”

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